I love Nail Art – #bbloggers

13As you know, well if you don’t know… I LOVE bit of nail art and if you havent seen my previous post >>> here <<< I am not in no way an expert, and I just like to experiment. I have so many nail varnishes its not good, hello and goodbye car and flat haha! I thought I would show you what I have been up to. The colours above I freaking loved!!! The white is a pearl colour from ciate (which is from their 2014 advent calender, I bought for a much cheaper price in TK MAXX!) and the green is actually a Rimmel one from Poundland 🙂

8I had just finished watching Mary Poppins and I thought hey, let’s go fly a kite! I bought this beautiful baby sky blue colour from Primark and my ultimate favourite rose chic crystallize maybelline nail varnish ❤ I have also found that from the Poundland selection of nail varnishes, they have their easy peel base coat and it is THE best. As the nail varnishes do literally come off in 1 peel.

9I thought I would do the opposite of the white tip and add the black tip. The nail varnish is from the gothic range, which is only available at Halloween in Poundland. You seriously only need 1 COAT!!! 1 COAT!! and it’s that thick. It’s slightly hard to see in this photo, but with the Ciante pearl extras, I have added at the bottom of each nail – half a pearl.

10I adore and I have said it quite a few times, but Barry M Lilac is just one beautiful colour. Added with some extra nail art, the colour is brought out even more. Yet again you can see the lovely rose chic crystallize maybelline nail varnish, whilst adding the white polish from nails inc.

14Something completely different, I chose 4 different shades of pink. As you can see the main colour is that of models own bright neon pink, the other shades are from MUA. With a nail brush, I sweeped the models own polish across a lighter shade.

15I have never had orange nail varnish before and the wonderful Primark has brought out this great range. OF course the middle finger is that of a different shade (unfortunately I cannot remember the brand haha!) This was something completely different, but this took me the longest to do, very frustrating!

17George nightsky nail varnish, with added ciante nail glitter – very messy!! I still have glitter all over the bedroom, damn hoover isnt even picking it up!!

UntitledFinally this one is self explanatory……… RED NOSE DAY!!!! I love a bit of Red Nose Day and I loved decorating my nails with this theme.


2 thoughts on “I love Nail Art – #bbloggers

  1. I read on Twitter that you got a negative comment about your nail art. Don’t listen to those kinds of people, they’re just trying to bring you down. I think your nail art looks pretty 🙂

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