What I’ve been up to the past 2 months….

11I haven’t really blogged in about a month and a half, I have been busy but also I havent really done anything before then to think… god this is blog worthy! And I have now just looked back at the past few weeks and thought hey up girl, you have done quite a bit to be fair!

At work, I wanted to celebrate positivity (and you know how much I love a bit of positivity), so for Valentines Day I thought hey nothing is going to be done about it, so how about the staff send lovely messages to each other, whether it be ‘I like you’, ‘you make me smile’, ‘thanks for your support’. It was hugely successful, to the point people wanted it every month. I had to count and categorise all the hearts into teams and it took me aaaages haha. I did feel bad for about 5/6 people who didn’t get any 😦 So you can see all the ones I received, yay go me!

7Hello slice of heaven. My new favourite shop has to be Patisserie Valerie. This was a treat for my Mum’s birthday and I met her on my lunch break and we just stuffed ourselves with tea and cake.. yum yum yum. If you have never been, go find one – I promise you, you will NOT regret it.

16I have been bowling twice in the last 2 months and I can honestly say, I am the worst bowler in the world. I even resorted to putting up the bumps, I still scored 0. I mean seriously, who scores 0 with the bumpers up. Hahaha!! I went with work friends and then my mums birthday, but the fact that I am so crap, I still totally have the best time… especially when a free drink is involved!

10308123_10205295486139527_2386207827244402385_nI was on telly!! Yes the actual telly, not that me and Mum had to rewind back to find us in the audience hahaha. Take me out is filmed in my home town and about 5 minutes in the car down the road. This is the first tv show in which we are in ……. this year. The other, we are looking forward to see is A League of their Own, where we were in the first row!! And the last two members of the audience to go in. Take me Out — reminded me, why I am single, why are girls so desperate, why am I single, how do these girls get boys, why are they on there and why did all the boys look the same, and if they didn’t they got the red light.

So many questions!!!

4My good things jar is coming along nicely, I have added a few things over the past few weeks in which I have been proud of. Although there has been some “negative” things, I have mostly had a good positive few weeks! 🙂 I can’t wait to read them again at the end of the year.

6Not much to say on this, but dear god my Dad cooked the perfect boiled egg. I hardly ever have breakfasts, but this was just perfect for a hangover from a night out with the girls. Yum… dammit now I want a boiled egg!!

10269532_10205194243088514_9064632881313728572_nI had two nights out in the past month, which to be honest…….. is a lot. The first night was to celebrate my best friend’s graduation and this night was with my girls, before one of them had a lung operation 😦  I loved both nights and it was just great to let my hair down, get dressed up, lots of make up and feel good. Although as usual ended the nights in a feeling of, “god why am I not a size 10,12,14, where the boys would like me, and I would get attention for once!” – even though I would regret saying that if I were.

The first night, ended in me crying…… yes crying, but I was in my eyes so bloody brave. Ended the night in subway and I looked around and I saw her… the girlfriend of the boy I kinda like. I thought fuck, this is the smallest shop ever and I do NOT want to be here, last time she made me cry and she was horrible to me, all because he is my friend. Then I turned around due to some noise, he was there. I have never felt my stomach flip and heart sunk before and, I just kept staring forward. My best friend who was with him, tried to keep me calm, it was awful. I left the shop, about 10 paces of walk down, I could feel tears falling down my face. I wasn’t sobbing, it was like…….

cheryl-cole-gif-38Although in no way shape or form am I comparing myself to Cheryl…. Cole (she’ll always be Cole, not that long name!) Two days later, I received a message from that girl on facebook and she sent me the longest apology ever, saying she is a bitch etc. After 2 years later, I met up with the boy and er…….. yeah it was just nice to meet up as friends. I can’t tell you if there are feelings there on both parts, but he hasn’t responded to any texts since. So either she didn’t like us meeting up, or (no I have no ego), he may have feelings still. BLA BLA BLA boys.

18So my best friend tried to cheer me up, to make sure that I was absolutely fine. We both have a lot of boy issues and give each other advice, but I think my text to her sums up a lot of friendships. Ps yes that is my background of my phone, gotta love Ronald.

11025911_10205343730705611_1242394448920741211_oFor my mums birthday, we went to London’s Ice Bar. It was a great experience, the cocktails are rather strong haha, its not as cold as you think after a while, but it is the weirdest experience. I think the strangest part of it, is coming out of the bar and thinking that you have gone back into some sort of exotic country, but its london, its cold…….. lol it so messes with your brain.

11044956_10205343725305476_507903089041946891_nWe then went to see Matilda, the only seats we could get was 2nd from the back at the top… yes THAT far back. But I tell you what, I would recommend ANYONE to go and see Matilda, it is absolutely amazing. It’s funny, its colourful, emotional, makes you feel proud and I am not joking, you will know the songs by the time you leave. I have even downloaded the album, because the music is that brilliant. Seriously go see it, even if you are that far back, you will only have to look down about 3/4 times and although you can’t see facial expressions, it doesnt matter!

3I have found my new favourite hand cream’s…… Crabtree and Evelyn – AMAZING!!! My hands have seriously never ever been smoother even after one “squirt” haha it lasts for hours after, and the smells are just freaking amazing. Plus their customer service is just brilliant, never have I experienced service like that 🙂

5Went to visit my Nan in my hometown today, moved away 20 years ago and I am always very proud of my roots. Here is a photo of the valley from my home town, its my favourite view. They have actually installed a chair there, as so many people just like to sit there and gather their thoughts. It was so lovely to drive around again where I grew up, seeing my old house, my first primary school, and other family houses too. Then finally popping off to the pub for a quick 30 minutes to drop in on family friends. Perfect.

11062748_10205428387981990_7776441565010558956_oFinally, Happy Red Nose Day……. I hate the colour red, therefore the day was a mixture of looking silly and also hating what I Was wearing. The dress itself is from Primark which cost £5. – Bargain.

Anyway, that’s my month and a half, full of emotions, but I wouldnt change it.


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