Woohoo go me!

largeSo after 2 and a half years of being at work, I finally got recognition for all of the hard work that I do. I became advisor/employee of the month!! Woohoo go me!

Although I do not meet all of my targets, ask people to leave feed back at the end of the call etc…… I was nominated on other grounds. Motivation and happiness.

I love to make people happy, as its such a stressful job. I help organise charity events, social events, parties. I use the tv screens throughout the work place to send out positive messages and to make people happy. I have introduced awards such as “Happiest worker” “messiest desk” etc haha, its the little things but I hope it helps people.

I currently have a new mini role, where I have become a specialist and I have redesigned for all of the callers to make it easier to remember, read, and know. Beforehand the other specialists were getting annoyed, and I am trying to change attitudes.

Like I said its the little things in life, but I am happy that I got it. I didn’t know I had received the acknowledgement until I was clapped at lmao and I got loads of emails from people saying “FINALLY!!”.

I got home and realised, bugger – I now have to make a speech.

Hey ho….. yay go me!


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