My life in a Soundtrack

1ca00591d4931e82a838e19356a40d062 (1)Heya you lovely readers, I thought I would do something different a little quiz – if you do this too, let me know and I would love to see the results!! πŸ™‚ Remember to shuffle but to never skip, even if its so embarrassing!!!Β Oh god here we go!

My life soundtrack

  • opening credits:Β You don’t love me – The Kooks
  • waking up: Cold Shoulder – Adele
  • first day at school: Cry your Heart out – Olly Murs
  • falling in love:Β Shame for You – Lily Allen
  • fight song: Didn’t we almost have it all? – Whitney Houston
  • breaking up:Β Never Ever – All Saints
  • prom:Β It’s all coming back to me – Meat Loaf
  • life:Β You and I – One Direction
  • mental breakdown: End of the Line – Honeyz
  • driving: Somebody Told Me – The Killers
  • flashback:Β Colourblind – Darius
  • getting back together:Β Sweet Dreams my LA Ex – Rachel Stevens
  • wedding:Β Love how it Hurts – Scouting for Girls
  • birth of child:Β When the going gets tough – Boyzone
  • final battle: Style – Taylor Swift
  • death scene:Β Halo – Texas
  • funeral song:Β Who Knew – Pink
  • end credits:Β Set You Free – N Trance

So… you have discussed I have the most appauling choice of songs on my ITUNES hahaha, some of these make sense some of them are like wtf, why do I still have that on my ITUNES!

Was interesting!


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