something ive been too scared to say.

tKAkA88KeeAll I’ve ever wanted to say to you is I’m sorry

I’m sorry for treating you the way I did
I’m sorry for not listening to my heart
I’m sorry for being scared of ruining our friendship
I’m sorry for choosing him and not you
I’m sorry that im saying this when you’re happy

I’m not sorry for kissing you that night
I’m not sorry for telling you, you should be with her that night….. even though I really didn’t want you to be
I’m not sorry for walking away from you after you told me you still liked me, whilst she was there
I’m not sorry for ignoring you the other night, otherwise my heart would have broken more
I’m not sorry for not giving up on our friendship

I’m not sorry for agreeing with her that she was horrible, rude and made me cry
I’m not sorry for wanting to start afresh with her

I’m not sorry for meeting up with you and enjoying our friendship again

But most of all I’m sorry to not you but to me. I’m sorry heart for giving him a second and third chance. You deserve better. I’m sorry you believed things would change but clearly it hasn’t. I’m truly sorry heart for believing that feelings can be put aside, because they absolutely can but it appears others have different opinions.

Sorry is a word which means so much but can mean so little too. I guess it meant so little to you when you apologised, but at least my sorrys are honest.

I’m not sorry that it appears you’re not happy.
I’m not sorry that im finally moving on.

So until the time you wish to grow balls and actually act on your apology this is goodbye


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