My Favourite TV ….. a drag show? YES!

You may or may not of heard of a reality tv competition called Ru Paul’s Drag Race. It is not your normal competition show on the telly, its everything different to what you have seen before.

It makes me laugh, cry, gives me confidence, comfort and it’s pure escapism.

It is now into it’s 7th season with an All Stars Season within the middle of that as well, and if you have not guessed by now, its all about the wonder that is Drag Queens. Some drag queens you do think… how on earth did they get on the show, but half of the time you are looking at the Queens and are getting so confused, because they are so good at their art form. 

IF you love the “new” craze of lip syncing, you seriously have not seen anything like this before. I present you one of my ultimate favourite lip syncs, against “The Princess” and “Dida Ritz”, they are performing to the singer of this wonderful song – Natalie Cole – This Will Be. If this does not get your toes going, making you smile and just want to get up and sing, I dont know what will…. have a look:

Oh by the way “the time has come for you to lip sync for your life, good luck and DONT fuck it up!”

Ru Paul has two main catchphrases, as you have already seen “good luck and don’t fuck it up”, which I use for every day life also along with the saying “if you don’t love yourself how the hell can you love somebody else” << TRUTH. Ru Paul gives you that confidence inside. Haha you may not be a drag queen, but those sayings are true to every day life.

On top of this, each week is a different challenge, whether this be acting, singing, clothesmaking…… it’s incredible what they can do in the shortest amount of times. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the seasons, but I would suggest that you do watch from season 3 onwards 🙂 lol you’ll thank me later. Of course you can watch season 1 & 2, its just on a different par after that.

My favourite of all and im sure many fans is that of Snatch game, a bit like the UK version of Blankety Blank (I dont know what it’s called in USA). Where the Queens dress up as famous celebrities, it’s now got to the stage that they are impersonating others from past seasons!!

And remember, not all Drag Queens are the same – you have your pageant queens, your comedy queens, your “fishy” queens, your quirky queens – plus much more.

Here are some of my favourite Drag Queens from each Season and my favourite moments, seriously please check out the clips 🙂 & you’ll notice they all do not represent the same type of Drag Queen. **ps the amount will increase each season lol I told you**

Season 1

Tammie Brown and Nina Flowers – My favourites from Season 1

Season 2

Raven and Jujubee

Season 3

Left to right (clockwise) – Raja, Carmen, Yara and Manila

Season 4

Left to right (clockwise) – Sharon Needles, Chad Michaels, Willam, Latrice Royale

Season 5


Left to right (clockwise) – Jinkx Monsoon, Detox, Alyssa Edwards, Roxxxy Andrews, Alaska, Ivy Winters,

Season 6

Left to right – clockwise – Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, Milk and Courtney Act

Season 7 – currently on.

Left to right – clockwise – Trixxie Mattel, Pearl, Max and Miss Fame

So there you have it…… hopefully not given too much away 🙂

ps – when out of Drag you do get a bit of eye candy with some of the guys, although gay 😦 dammit!! lol they are mighty good to look at, here’s a few:


But seriously give it a go, you never know – you may LOVE IT! – Netflix UK 🙂




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