My top 5 Pet Peeves.

PetPeeveAs I have said many many times before, I am all for positivity. I like to be positive and try to find something ever day, give someone else a positive comment and just generally I do not want to be in the dumps, as I easily could be. But we all have our pet peeves, and I thought I would let you know:

1 – Negative People

3801dc4b163cd33fdaf977d8a42469deI know negative people and I see people on a daily basis. At one point I was surrounded by so much negativity due to changes of the environment, I was being more and more positive which in a backlash, made me feel like I was being fake. Of course I am open up to seeing different sides of the argument, thats the whole reason in having views and opinions, but its when someone’s views are ALWAYS negative and they don’t see anything else, that’s when it brings those around you down. I just don’t understand it, and when eyes are rolled when someone is being positive, I then in turn be more out there and just like to piss them off.

2. Controlling Partners

fed318323d69e6bc670c0a2aadcf9d9fI for one have seen my fair share of over controlling partners, and they are not even my partners…. theyre my friends partners. Whether they are my best two boy mates and their over controlling girlfriends, or my girl friend’s partners im rather bored of being pushed out. I do not understand as to why when people get in relationships, their friends are just pushed to the side. When I am in a relationship, I will hands down share my time. I absolutely find it so frustrating, and I can see another relationship happening again. Grr!!

My latest one is that one of my close boy friends has been with this girl, she doesnt like me and there was a bit of an argument, she made me feel like shit for being his friend. It got to the point that he ignored messages and texts from me, until she randomly messaged me and had a go at me…. the reason I found out, was absolute bullshit and chinese whispers had happened. So I thought right girl power, lets just try again… the next day he was allowed to text me again lol… and er, we met up for the evening and it was brilliant. That happened end of February, have I heard from him since. No.

3. Awkward Silences


I think this is the most obvious one in which my family would say is my pet peeve. I cant sit in a room with someone, without doing something whether that be on my phone, read a book etc. If the tv is off, I will turn it on or I will play music on my phone. I  just cant stand the silence, I need to have something. Especially if there’s a chat going on and then it goes all silent… nope cant do it!

4. Politeness Every-time-I-hold-the-door-open-for-someone-just-to-be-nice

I am a polite person and I will keep the door open for someone coming my way, of course if it’s too far I won’t make it awkward haha! But when I open the door for someone and they do not say thank you, I will without a doubt speak louder and go YOU’RE WELCOME!!!! hahaha and I will literally look like the cartoon above. It takes what less than 2 seconds to say you’re welcome. I dont even care what age the person is whether they’re a teenager or 70+.

5. Ignorant People

48561950I dont know whether its because I watch various different programmes, listen to other people’s view points etc, but ignorant people just annoy me. As I have said previously one of my ultimate favourite tv show’s is Ru Paul’s Drag Race (link to blog post about it here) and I dont know whether its because I watch this show, its opened up my eyes to more. To the point, its a show about men dressing in drag who are openly (sometimes not) gay, flamboyant, argumentative and caring. But when people are not wanting to watch shows like this because its different, then bye bye – keep in your cage and your bubble. The world is moving on, look at Ireland!

So there you have it, my top 5 pet peeves. I am sure there are more but hey!


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