sleep paralysis – scary stuff.



We all sleep in different patterns, positions, times and all have different movements throughout your sleep, some may wake up with the slightest noise and others have heavy sleepers, but what if you couldn’t move if you heard or noise or you thought someone was in the room with you. That’s what I have had a number of times in my life.

I have done a bit of research and found that it is linked with sleep paralysis, and dear god do not google the images as its rather scary stuff – well especially if you don’t like horror movies!!

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3 thoughts on “sleep paralysis – scary stuff.

  1. Really scary for sure. For me, the most frightening was before I learned about what sleep paralysis is, because it feels like you’re being possessed or something supernatural! So learning what it really was took the big sting out for me. If it ever happens now, I remind myself I am still in a dream state and “guide” the dream to a happier place and I haven’t had many scares since. Thanks for writing about the topic, VERY interesting. – trace

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