My blog is changing

giphyI have noticed recently that although I do love blogging about make up, perfume and clothing – my blog has been changing a lot and I don’t mean the design of it either. My blog posts have become more to do with life, what I feel and what is happening with those that I love. Although I still will be posting about make up etc, I just feel that everything I want to speak about has been about life.

My recent posts have been:

But you don’t look unwell…living with pain – a blog post about how I live with chronic pain every day

Seriously we are JUST friends. – a post surrounding how a guy and a girl can just be friends

Sleep Paralysis – Scary Stuff – how a condition like this can affect many people

My Top 5 Pet Peeves – lol title says it all

10 points to say to me 10 years ago – haha see above

Jealousy is a horrible trait girls.  – talking about how jealous girls are the worst

Proud to be a woman, don’t hate. – all about girl power!

I realised that it was back in March that I last did a make up post, I really should do more but I just haven’t even had the energy to even update my nails, and if you are a reader of this blog you will know how much I love to do things with my nails!

It just seems as though I have had a lot of writing to do towards myself. I am hoping that other’s take note of any advice I give, although be aware it is probably not the best advice!! haha, but expressing your thoughts is always such a bonus and a weight off your shoulders. Give it a try!!

So you can be a Pocahontas, either stay on one side of the river, or see what is just around the river bend 😉 hahaha, mix it up! Go on have a sing a long ❤



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