My make up favourites of May

PicMonkey CollageI have been wanting to do a “May favourites” for some time, but I just have not got round to doing it and considering it is now June 16th, lol I may as well start thinking about June favourites. But to be honest with you 99% sure, the products will not change. I am all for discovering new products, but I often go back to those I love. I therefore thought I would take you around my May/June haha favourites 🙂

Facial Products

2015-06-16 04.51.10 1

The four products above are the main coverage products that I use daily. My newest addition is the Rimmel Lasting Finish, but the rest of them I have been using for months.

Max Factor CC Colour Corrector – This can be found at all drugstores that sell Max Factor, I have it in the “green” shade as well, but this shade I am particularly using more often than the other lately, due to a lot of lack of sleep! It is great coverage, not oily at all and blends in well with the rest of your make up. I use it under my eyes and anywhere else that really needs a lift!

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse – Porcelain – This beaut of a product has become one of my make up staples, it has great coverage, makes my face look nice and smooth and I just LOVE a matte finish. Adding this with the Rimmel Matte Powder and thank you and goodbye to no shine. The only time I wouldn’t wear this, is if I haven’t… okay… if I couldnt be bothered to ex-foliate. The reason for this, is that it really makes my skin dry if I haven’t done so.

Maybelline Anti-Shine Stick – Again can be found in any drugstore, it is quite new to the market and when I first saw it I was instantly drawn to the “anti shine” section. The version I have is “buff beige 130 Praline”, each stick comes in two shades to make sure that your skin tones are completely covered. It weirdly can be a bit oily when going on, but after some blending the anti shine does work.

Rimmel Lasting Finish – Porcelain – Rimmel have come up trumps here, this is great little product to go into your handbag and overs really good coverage for all those bits you don’t want people to see! This little concealer lasts for some time and, weirdly I also use it as a bit of a highlighter in the corner of my eyes.

Defining ProductsPicMonkey Collagex

My next two products are very similar in shades, but they are completely different products! I love natural tones, as they allow you to wear make up and not to be like “yoohoo its me over here with the make up on!!”

Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit – I am sure that this product comes in different shades, but I have picked the shades that are nearest my skin colour. I bought this from Superdrug I believe and I am still not into the contouring game, so this lovely little kit comes with an instruction manual. And by god I need that in the early morning!! I am trying to get the contouring into place, but finding it difficult, luckily these shades are nice and subtle. I much prefer the darker shade on the right, as the highlighter really for me does not show at all on my skin, which is a bit of a shame.

NYX Eyeshadow – 03 Nude – This pallet is my go to eyeshadow, I am not one for buying these expensive eyeshadows such as Naked. I mean if this can do the job, why spend an extra £15+ on something you can buy for less than £5. The colours stay on all day, applied correctly and they can really bring out the colours of your eyes.

Blink Blink2015-06-16 04.51.15 1

My ultimate two favourite mascaras, I have tried so many different brands from cheap to the Christian Dior mascara I got in my goodie bag I won. But ultimately these are my loves.

Maybelline The Colossal Volume Cat Eye – Roughly about the £6 mark, this mascara not only lengthens but also makes your eyelashes become thicker. I have had a lot of compliments from people when I wear this mascara, which always makes a girl feel good of course! I have one in my handbag and about 2 at home. Seriously go buy it!! ….. The only downside is that when you do cry, this bugger kills your eyes – so don’t cry!!

Rimmel London Max Volume Lash – If you want a mascara that gives you a bit of boomph then buy this beaut. Not only is the pink lovely, but its not too bad on your purse strings either, it lasts all day which is a bonus. The only down side is it can be slightly gloopy.


2015-06-16 04.52.51 1Out of work, I love to wear lipstick it just brings colour to the face and gives you a bit more of a character. I have worn all 4 of these at work, and the reaction was “oh you’re wearing lipstick, that’s strange!” lol. I mean I can go from wearing absolutely naff all at work to a full head of make up, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I am not trying to impress anyone. But lipstick has to be I think a staple in any girls beauty bag. The four above I have chosen as my top 7… yes three more are coming lol.

2015-06-16 04.52.53 1These two particular shades in the first image are that of the top right and bottom left . These I actually bought in a sale when E.L.F UK was closing down and I got them quite cheaply. I am sure that you may be able to find them on the US one, but I highly doubt it.

Top Right – Pink Umbrellas – A very subtle pink, often I use this on a “nude make up day”, as it just gives that slight emphasis on the lips. It weirdly does have a bit of a minty taste to it, and the best way to wear it is to unfortunately foundation your lips!! I know what a sin!!!

Bottom Left – Flirty and Girly – Again it is a nice colour, it is a more of a purple than a pink and as you can see there are some glittery shades to them. Therefore this lipstick is best when applied lightly, as I don’t particularly want to go back to my 11 year old self!

2015-06-16 04.51.18 1The other two products are two of my extreme colours, the bright pink on the left (top left) or the matte purple (bottom right), both of these shades I absolutely adore and I wear for different occasions.

Primark PS2761-00 – Yes it’s that cheap, it doesnt even have a name to it! It costs £1 and lasts for hours, literally!! Its an amazing shade, it’s bright pink, more of a fuchsia pink is the best way I can describe it.

Beauty UK – Snob – I have raved about this lipstick for a long time now and was so so so disappointed when it wasn’t in my nearest Superdrug as it’s apparently a “small brand” now and they want to stock other smaller brands, luckily my brother lives in High Wyckham haha and actually posted a few out to me. Thank you sir lol! It just, well I love it. As I have said before, I love a matte shade and this one is more of a lilac colour and it just gives you that extra pazazz to your face 🙂

2015-06-16 05.25.55 1If I am going on a night out, one of these two shades will be used. The Kate Moss Matte Lipstick range is without a doubt the best type of matte lipstick. Thank you whoever thought of this idea!!

On the left – Kate Moss 111 –  Kiss of life – It’s vibrant, its very red – much compared to the telephone box red. I love this shade as if this was in a shiny version, this would be so in your face I would not feel comfortable wearing it at all! Lasts for a long time and is durable when having a drink.

On the right – Kate Moss 107 – Wine – What a perfect name for a lipstick. I’l have one if you’re offering please sir. This is the lovely Zoella’s favourite lipstick and has been mine pretty much since it has come out. I’ve worn it 90% of the times I have gone on a girls night out, it doesn’t smudge easily, its not so outstandish on your made up face. It has a more of a purplish tint to this particular colour and dark enough to make it seem you’re trying out a new look. IMG_20150330_211104This beauty of a lipstick is the product that I won in the Christian Dior competition. This is the only product that has confused me ever! It looks like it should be a really nice glossy red, that will bring out the Snow White in you, but alas……… it’s a lip gloss with a hint of red lol Still a very good product!

Wipe off that make up

PicMonkey 4CollageI have previously spoke about this product before, but I can tell you now after going through two bottle of it, I am never ever ever going back to wipes. This product is like a godsend! It leaves your face all clean, smooth, fresh and also less oily than it did before. This is my second bottle and as you can see this bottle top has been damaged, basically the part of the lid that is meant to close it up, is stuck in the hole – I DIDNT DO IT, I bought it like that then lost the receipt 😦 Anyway! If you haven’t tried Micellar Cleansing Water before, seriously do try it and try it for 1 month compared to using wipes, promise you won’t look back. Best place to get these by the way – Savers. Much cheaper than Superdrug and Boots (unless they have a deal on!)

2015-06-16 04.51.13 1I got this for my 26th birthday from my besties and I was like oooooh no I have come to that age in life where I have to use wrinkle cream. I hold my hands up high and say that I really dont moisturise, I am awful and I know I will regret it when I am older, but that’s what older is all about – dealing with your wrinkles – aka laughter lines 😉 This product is lovely though, of course I haven’t seen any change as I have only been using it for a few months and may never see any change lol. But it is a non oily product, easy to apply, lovely on the skin and does make you feel slightly refreshed. I have been using it every night this month so fingers crossed!

Oh you smell nice!

2015-06-16 05.18.22 1What girl doesn’t want to smell lovely! These are my two choices of perfumes over the Spring and Summer time.

Accessorize Eau dw Toilette – hands up, I honestly do not know which one this is called, I have already googled and I cannot find it, which I am now sad because this one is about to run out soon! It has a really nice floral fragrance to it, with some nice citrus touches to it. As I wore this on my holiday, I love to keep on smelling this sense and takes me back to the Greece.

Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eau So Fresh – a more stronger smell of flowers from this one, it does last longer as I am guessing because it is a designer brand.  Very sweet so you really do not need a lot of it on your body.

2015-06-16 05.16.01 1As I said I hardly moisturise, but I found this little beauty in The Body Shop. It was one of their new products when I first went in there and it is very fresh and of course minty! I have the little pot, as I wanted to try it first and to be honest I mainly use it on my feet at night 🙂 Makes my toes very nice haha!

2015-06-16 06.03.42 2My ultimate favouite hand lotion ever, Crabtree and Evelyn in Pear and Pink Magnolia is amazing, it lasts for so long, the smell is absolutely amazing and afterwards your hands are super super smooth. It’s one of biggest splurges as I bought 4 of them, but its seriously worth it!

Bling Bling! 

2015-06-16 07.11.42 3I am not a girl that wears a lot of jewellery, but I couldnt resist these little gems from Primark. In total these all came to just under £5, which is a bonus. And there is one in there which I would LOVE as an engagement ring haha. All different styles, gems, colours and sizes – love it!

2015-06-16 07.11.45 2After 2 months of not using nail varnish, I thought I would go a bit mad and have a polka dot version. I couldn’t decide on a theme, so I thought fuck it – why not all different shades!

So there you have it, a bit of a long post but I haven’t done one of these in a while 🙂

Have a great day / evening whenever you read this!



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