Confessions time.

tumblr_nq9q0w3In41qc4uvwo1_540So we’re half way through the year and I found a lovely post on Tumblr which I thought, YES I have to do this post. It’s called “confessions time” and the questions are quite random, so I thought I would give it a go. PS I have not read all of them just the top 5 questions hahaha so god help me!

1) What is something people in your life don’t know that you are willing to share with your internet friends?

I honestly think this blog, only well… 2 people that I know of knows about this blog. If others know then they haven’t told me, not that I would actually like others to know. Its kinda like my getaway.

2) Who are you the closest with on Tumblr?

Again on Tumblr I dont follow anyone in particular, I dont reblog someone elses blogs in particular either, what’s the point in being a sheep!

3) Do you remember what your first URL was and how your blog looked back then?

It was on blogger actually haha, Its got nothing on there at the moment, but I didnt really know what to do with it, I have deleted the posts and transfered them onto here.

4) Which blog type you never tried, if any are left that you haven’t tried out?

When you say blog type do you mean a topic? ….. definitely be health lol in life I am not one for a healthy lifestyle either

5) Why did you choose your current blog type?

My blog changes a lot, its gone from motivational, to fashion, to life style, to beauty and then back around again. I just blog what I feel like when I feel like it.

6) Do you think Geminis are problematic?

Well the ones I know……. definitely.

7) Do you like rap? Quote a rap song that was stuck in your mind at one point.

“you better lose yourself in the music, never let it go, you’ve only got once chase…” lol ive absolutely no idea if theyre the lyrics. Rap music is off and on, if its in the “pop charts” then I dont mind some of them.

8) Do the same with an overplayed pop song you once could not get rid of.

“Anyone who ever held you, would tell you the way I’m feeling. Anyone who ever wanted you
Would try to tell you what I feel inside!” haha bit of Simply Red.

9) What is the first thing you notice on a person?

Honestly…… it would be what they looked like, ie what they are wearing, then their walk haha *ie hands down trousers, go away (for a man!!) then their eyes/smile

10) What is something you have noticed on a person only after you actually met them that left you shocked?

probably a tattoo or something, nothing is coming to mind.

11) Do you leave a better first or a second impression?

haha a second impression I am sure.

12) Can you do an impression of somebody, whether they are famous or regular people in your life? If yes, who?

Definitely the lovely ladies at work I can do impressions of.

13) Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Hopefully married and with kids, in a house/flat – just happy.

14) You and the third person in your inbox are going to have a child. Who is the third person in your inbox? Name your child combining letters from your names or surnames.

Well I am going to do my phone inbox….. lol well its Rich from work 😐 hahaha er…. ill pass

15) Do you think Bendadick Cucumber is attractive?

I think he is quirky and that’s quite interesting. Personally I think its because he is different, that’s what makes him more attractive

16) Would you ever dye your hair purple?

I would LOVE to do that, although a lilac shade more

17) Would you ever shave all of your hair off so you could donate it to locks of love?

ooh good question, I think I would. Wigs exist don’t they!

18) Do you own a lava lamp?

Sorry its 2015, not the 1990’s

19) Did you like your prom if you have already been to it or if not, what are your expectations for it?

I went to my 18th prom, it was alright nothing like the Americans haha

20) Name one tennis player.

Andy Murray

21) Do you know how to play pool?

badly? yes.

22) Can you jump rope?

ya whatty what? is that skipping?

23) Who is your style inspiration?

hmmmmmmmm myself?

24) Do you sleep with a lot of pillows, just one or none?

I currently have 7 on my bed. I sleep on 2 though

25) Could you ever wake up early in the morning to go jogging?

fuck off.

26) Are you an active person?


27) Name one actor over 50 years old at the top of your head.

sean bean 😐 ……………. where the hell did that come from?

28) What movie quote comes to your mind the first when you think of the word epic?

im blank seriously.

29) Do you like Years&Years?

never heard of them

30) Do you think Ruby Rose is pretty?

she’s gorgeous

31) Do you watch reruns of shows on tv?

Well I am currently watching Everybody Loves Raymond… lol so yes

32) Complete the following sentence: :…is my life.“


33) Do you believe in the supernatural. If so, why?

Been to psychics and really been proved right in my eyes

34) Are you going to vote on the next election in your country?

in 5 years time probably.

35) What is something you think defines you?

positivity and bright colours

36) Who is your rock in life?

my family without a doubt

37) Are you an independent person?

From being single for a long time now, yes

38) Do you like your siblings if you have any? If you are an only child, do you wish you had siblings?

I have a younger brother that I could not be more proud of

39) What are your thoughts on porn? How about adult industry workers?

whatever tickles ya fancy.

40) Do you think people should be shamed based on how many partners you had?.

nooooooo, it could be that you’re with 1 person for 1 week or another for 2 months. I definitely don’t think so!

41) Do you think a person’s value drops when they sleep around? If yes, why are you so shitty?

hmm….. lots of 1 night stands yes.

42) Pasta or veggie soup? Coffee or tea? Ice cream or apple pie?

Pasta / Tea / Ice Cream

43) Fruit ice cream or chocolate ice cream?

Chocolate without a doubt

44) Mayo, mustard, ketchup or something else?


45) Which Friends character is the closest to you in behavior?


46) Name a personality trait you wish you didn’t have.



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