a month off my blog.

tumblr_npss7siO6U1rpglsqo1_500So I havent actually posted in 1 month, literally one month. I have posts ready, but I have not had the time. The past month has been a bit of whirlwind, work has been a bit meh, no one feels safe or happy, we all just pull each other through and make each other happy. I then had 2 weeks off mid July and 2 days before this, we had received a call saying my Nan had been taken into hospital. We live 2.5 hours away and it was just a shock. I wanted to enjoy my 2 weeks, no stress, loads of pj days and I knew I had a few concerts and nights in and out with my girls. But things took a turn for the worse.

After my Nan was admitted to hospital, she was sent back home 3 days later, and on the 4th day we got another call from my Uncle saying that she has been sent back in. Little did we know at that point that she was being resuscitated.  My Nan is my last Grandparent that I have, she’s one special lady, she has fought cancer and we share the same birthday!! 🙂

Going back and travelling to and from our home to see her has been so tiring but you would do anything for your family. I did all the washing, washed her hair, you know just the little things and it made me realise why do I stress over the little things ie work when family is the most important thing. My Nan is fine now, she had a huge hiatus hernia, the size of a melon and although she is still not eating properly she’s taking each day step by step.

What I found more frustrating than ever is that my other side of the family seem to be horrible, well one person in particular. When I rang my Aunt up to explain what had happened, how I booked the nurses to come and see her, sorting out her medications, her walking and the above, she replied as a teenager and said “yeah and?” How can a Nurse react like this I have no idea. I got off the phone and I screamed, even my Nan said “what’s happened?” I dont like the word but in my head I kept thinking she is a complete and utter rhymes with hunt! i have never had another make my blood boil, it took nearly 1 hour for me to calm down.  It’s even got to the point that this woman keeps telling my Uncle to give us grief, saying how much we don’t see my Nan throughout this time. We know through Nan that they saw her 4/5 times over the 2 weeks and my parents went up there for over a week, with no pay due to a 0 hour contract, taking 4+ hours for roundtrips and yet this was still not enough for those who live 10 minutes away.

What I have learnt from this experience is that, family is what you make it. 91354d2bd8be91be6bcd179d5900e15b

Luckily the rest of the time I saw my besties as much as I can, I dont think I had a pj day. One of the girls has never seen Sex and the City, so we have decided that every Monday evening we will go around there and watch it and I am loving it. As sometimes its so hard to see your friends who have kids, different hours etc. My other best friend is an intensive care nurse and we dont see her as often, but when we do we catch up big time. She works so freaking hard, but thats another issue for Jeremey Hunt (bastard)

As usual I do love nights out, but when your two best friends are size 10’s, with long legs, toned bodies etc and you’re me lol every time I come home I just feel like shite. I thought I would wear something different, to see whether I would feel differently…… and I didnt I just felt more aware. Blah!!


Here’s the dress that I bought! It is from Boohoo and this is the link >> shimmer shimmer  << It is a nice dress, but the difficulty that I had was trying to find a bra, the back is very low and any straps would be seen. With my boobs, theyre far too heavy/big to have those bra cup things (yes I did try and I looked freaking ridiculous) and I looked around for ages and finally came across Ultimo. I have never really bought an expensive bra before but this was on sale, so I kinda felt alright >> alright boobs << I bought the bra in my size, but this could have been a corset for all I know!! It is difficult to get in, but once you’re in you are not moving!! It did need a bit of oomph every now and again though. As usual the girls had the boys turning heads, we left at 1am and I was glad to take my shoes off. Next time, I will wear flats.

As I said I went to two concerts and they couldn’t be anymore different!! The first was at my mums work, Leeds castle classical concert. It is basically a night to enjoy music and for families to be pissed whilst trying to look posh! This is my 3rd one of these and I still love it. My Mum also surprised me with tickets to see my favourite boys in music Blue, at Rochester Castle. Unfortunately Peter Andre was headlining – I will never know the reason why Blue didnt!!

I have loved Blue since they came out and been to see them, well I cant think how many times. It has got to the point, I know when they will “ad lib” lol and the dance moves hahaha, but if you want to see my at my natural happiness, its at one of their concerts.  Blue sang ALL of their own songs, apart from 1 Rod Stewart song and Peter Andre sang ALL of NONE of his songs, apart from 3. It was like karaoke and he really isnt good live. We left 5 minutes to the end, as all we knew he was going to do is sing is one famous song – Mysterious Girl.

Here’s some pics 🙂

16992_10206387787366375_782273484676374296_n 10986460_10206418894824042_9139269801672268160_n

I also went to see my Uni bestie and her 2 little girls in Eastbourne, we went to the local zoo and had a brilliant time. I love how happy these girls are, they make me escape from everything and the fact that the eldest (3 years) was asking for me a few days later is just the best!!

Then the final realisation that I was going to back to work was awful. It actually got the point where I was like oooh shall I just be one of those people in the UK that just sit on their arse and get paid to do it. As I was so relaxed by the end, my Nan was fine, I was seeing my best friends loads and my brother was coming home from Uni.

Monday struck. Eurgh.


Thanks for reading as always.


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