My Little Box – love them!!!! part 1

Hi readers, as you may or may not know I was looking for monthly subscription boxes to buy and I have subscribed to two of them. One I have already commented on which is the lovely Birchbox >> see here for the post << and I totally forgot at the same time I also ordered from My Little Box  and I will say it now…….. I am in love.

I do love the Birchbox … boxes lol but the My Little Boxes are just absolutely adorable and just so me!!! I was having an awful day, let’s just say never take your phone to the toilet with you *sighs stupid me!!* and I came back from visiting my Nan who hasnt been very well lately and I was given TWO YES TWO boxes – thank you post delay! I just couldn’t wait to open it.

I thought I would go through them individually on two different posts 🙂

My Little Road Trip Box

Now when signing up to My Little Box its more indepth than Birchbox. You chose your skin tone, hair colour, hair type, how you wear make up and also your interests – they really get to know you! Yes okay some of the products may be generalised, but if they are generalised for specific people, I am in!

First off, how adorable is this packing. The design is just so special, cute and girly. The boxes will definitely be used again as they are great for stacking other beauty products. Each bEach box is individually wrapped with their chosen box title and has little postcard / motivational cards within each one of them. Ideal for making you think, you know what…. a road trip would be great right now to escape.

3The next little edition was the “never stop exploring” box, within it I did not know what I was expecting at all. As you can see in the top right hand corner photo, its a plastic wallet which is mega cute for those girly weekends away. With cute little graphics on the front, giving you a Parisian feel and on the back a lovely little quote. Inside, is a passport holder, pen, money, tickets and card. It’s ideal for handbags, not too big and very very light! Love it!!

Each box has a little magazine attached, this has lots of travelling tips to stay healthy, pretty and on the go along with crosswords and a lovely interview to read on the way to your travels 🙂

Along with your little magazine, you receive these cool envelope note pad which is double cute! They have about 10 pieces of paper within it, to apparently give to those who you meet on holiday, whether you give them your contact details, a holiday romance I love you or whatever tickles your fancy. Plus the biro…….. is a posh biro!!

I cannot begin to tell you as to how amazing this smells! As soon as I opened up the box, I said to my mum “wow what is that smell its beautiful!!” This is a body cream which is the scent of sorbet, a kinda bubblegum candy sorbet. I would say that the packaging and the smell is more amazing than the product, as weirdly when it goes on you cannot really smell the scent 😦 But its still a great product!! Plus its a big tube to get in a monthly subscription box.

I am already a fan of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, so when I found out that I had a handbag one it was just perfect! If you haven’t tried this product yet, please do! I know that other brands are now bringing out this type of product but I just love it! It really makes your skin feel so refreshed afterwards, all of your make up comes off and it really doesn’t hurt your eyes………. unlike Loreal Kids (you know that one that advertised does not hurt kids eyes boo!!)

You may or may not have noticed in the last few clips that my nails have changed colour…. that’s because I couldn’t wait to try the Essie polish!! I own so many nail varnishes its ridiculous, but I have never owned an Essie product due to the fact I think they are far too expensive for nail products! This is a bright, funky orange polish, which dried really quickly. Yes its a bit bumpy in the photo but I was doing it quickly before the sun went in haha!! You definitely need a few coats though.

All of these little products came in a really cute little bag – reminds me of a little toilet bag with a lovely pink drawstring and pink stars!! Perfect for taking away again on those trips! Inside there were a number of goodies that you have already seen, but these are amazing temporary tattoos that would be perfect for those festivals and summers evening pub garden with your bffs! Although I dont remember the last time I saw the sun haha!

Finally in the little bag, there are some lovely postcards telling you all about the products, what my little box is all about and just lots of tips and tricks for travelling.

I freaking adored this box, everything in it I loved and I will keep using!! I can’t wait for you to also read about my beauty box as well! Have you ever heard of My Little Box before? I am really sorry but I can’t remember who recommended the company to me, but I just want to give them a big hug and a kiss.  BRING ON THE NEXT ONE!! — ps, if you do join, you can cancel at any time (not that I wanna put a downer on that)

Go on check out their website, unfortunately you cannot order specific products yet as they are not shipping to the UK 😦 But if you live in France, go for it!!!

Let me know what you think xo


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