My 1,000th post!!


Congratulations to me!!

So I have come to my 1000th post. I actually can’t believe it. My blog originally started way back 2 years ago, to a place in which I could rant about what feelings and thoughts I had. To now my blog is a place of still ranting haha, but also raving about people I love,  products I recommend, my illnesses and being girl power positive.

I know that each blog is individual to everyone and everyone does not have the same opinions but that’s why blogs are special.

Blogs to me allow me to escape the day to day, allow me to put my thoughts out in the world because I either can’t express them or I don’t know who to speak to them about. Blogs are truthful expressions of who we are.


To me personally,  my blog has allowed for me to be more open to not only me but other people’s emotions. I love to see those who have become big over time, those who post what they love, what they have received from others and also those who meet up and become friends.

Blogs do not just have to be about fashion, music, beauty products, books and travel. A blog to me is a smidgen of an insight to your personal life. Not one persons blog can be classified as more powerful, funnier, interesting, dull, boring or negative… If that’s how that person what’s to write, go for it. Who is someone else to judge you?

The blogging world can be a friendly place, I know for one I have had some brilliant conversations with others online through their blog or mine, twitter or Google plus. It’s a great communicator to find someone who may have the same interests or the same experiences you are going through.


To those who are negative or do not understand them. Think of them as the modern day equivalent to pen pal writing. That’s the best way that I can describe it. Of course nowadays when we do receive post it’s a brilliant feeling (apart from when it’s a nasty bill!). But that’s probably why so many of us sign up to subscription boxes, we love the feeling of being gifted, feeling wanted and loved.


Us bloggers are really just a lovely bunch of people, we like to compliment, reward, promote each others happiness and we do secretly all support each other. Whether you are a newbie, experienced, female, male, geeky, popular or just darn normal – be individual and as my blog is named….

Love you
Love them


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