Thoughtful Messages


I am one for positivity and often send messages to people with kind thoughts or a thank you etc – it can make someone’s day. But I received a random message on facebook the other day, from someone I went to University with. Our friendship is unique, we lived in the same home town, and we talked all throughout University (before and after) and yet we have never met. She is like a pen pal that I could have met on so many occasions. I thought I would share this, as it applies to so many people I believe:


This is a bit random but I felt compelled to message you to tell you how cool you are.

You are a creative and funny person and you have such a strong, lovely personality. You always post such cool things and you have such great interests. Not to mention perfect skin!

Everyone around you knows all of this and can see it too. It is only a matter of time before a hot sexy man does something about it, if you let him in and put yourself in situations that increase the chance. Don’t settle for less than perfection. It’s what you deserve!

Have a great day and don’t let the world get you down xxx”

So cute ❤


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