Beauty Bests of 2015

IMG_20160102_163550 (1)

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Hello to 2016 and my last few days of being 26!!! Firstly it took me 5 times, yes 5 times to write 2016 instead of 2015  – the poor index finger has to stretch a lot more – try it! Secondly, welcome to my newly designed blog, I hope that you like it. Finally, my new years resolution is to post more so here we go!! I thought I would write about my beauty faves of the whole year. Now I would just like to say firstly that I stupidly didn’t include one of my faves in the big photo above, so don’t get all confused you people 😉

IMG_20160102_162411“Si” by Giorgio Armani. Absolutely beauty of a smell, its fruity, but warming and its great for day and night. The bottle is just gorgeous and it lasts all day. It is definitely one of these perfumes which you forget you’re wearing then someone compliments you and you feel all good hehe!! As I was rather good for Father Christmas, this was my most expensive gift and I was a rather happy girl.

I am not one for keeping to a certain perfume, I have had so many in my life so I don’t have a favourite. For example, I sprayed in Boots the other day Hugo Boss – Deep Red, and suddenly I got all of these memories, emotions and feelings back from my Uni days and it just made me smile. I think perfume is a perfect example of keeping memories, just like photos.

My mum still has my Nan’s perfume and when I am feeling sad, I will just lift the lid up and it feels as though I am receiving a hug from her, after all this time.

IMG_20160102_162646Maybelline Super Stay 24 – This is actually a purchase I have only bought since November, and its great for my skin. It’s a near perfect match for my skin tone and it stays all the time. It is not too oily, has great coverage for the smallest amount of “blob” that you put on your hand. The price is not too shabby for around £5-£7 depending where you get it from and sales of course.

IMG_20160102_162811Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes – Is without a doubt my ultimate absolute fave mascara that is around, I have tried and tested so many but no others does what this little product does. The mascara lengthens, makes your eyelashes darker, thicker and I havent had as many compliments about my eyes when im not wearing this product. I wear it throughout the day and night, but the only downside is, when you do cry – BEWARE it stings!!

Max Factor False Lash Effect – I have been into using brown mascara this year, it not only has given me a more natural look, but the product makes me feel as though I am not wearing any mascara at all. Really do love it.

IMG_20160102_162836Now as weird as it sounds, I havent actually been using a lot of lipsticks this year, but in fact lip liners. I first bought the lip liner on the right hand side in a nice coral nude pink colour, which in fact is from Poundland!! Seriously, if you do see it – give it a go. There’s only 3 colours, red, brownish or the nude coral. Promise its great for a quick pick me up, although only downside is – since I have bought the other two products you will realise why its only £1.


The middle product is Maybelline Colour Sensation (wow didnt know I was such a fan this year!) in a gorgeous pale pink and slightly nude of shade number 132. I have used this on a number of occasions, where I just want to put a very small amount of make up on. It’s not too strong, its not too shiny and as I prefer matte to glossy this is brilliant.

The final lip liner is on the left hand side and is Maybelline Colour Sensation shade number 140. It is a much pinker shade, but it is so easy to appeal and just great for price. In a more pink and purple shade, but yet again still great for the nude illusion.

IMG_20160102_162922Now I am really sorry, but I cannot remember the lovely blogger who recommended that I bought this to help with contouring – but thank you. the HD Brows Pro Powder Base. Now I know full stop that this product is for eyebrows…… but its also great for contouring lol!! Comes in 6 different shades, ranging from light to dark shades. It’s a great product base, which is very easy to apply, lasts for a good few hours and I will still use it for contouring – I dont care lol!! I am not joking, but I havent actually used it for eyebrows yet.

IMG_20160102_163358Talking of eyebrows, this is the best eyebrow product I have bought since the MUA Luxe and considering I can never get the product in Superdrug, I thought I would try something else. I saw the Maybelline Brow Satin in Medium Brown a few weeks ago and I thought it to be very different. On one end you have the classic pencil which is very easy to apply to your eyebrows, and the other end is a sponge like material. The sponge once closed by the brown tip absorbs some sort of liquid product in the tip and this is then placed onto the sponge. You can therefore dab and fill in all the sections within the brows that you don’t wish to over define with a pencil.

IMG_20160102_163157My new favourite brand this year HAS to be “Freedom Makeup”. Now I have only seen this label in Superdrug, but after one purchase I fell in love. I have bought a number of products from their line and two are featured in this post today. The first be that of their Pro Artist Pad – Studio to go eyeshadow pallet, full of natural shades – both matte and shimmer. On top of this it includes a bronzer, highlighter, blusher and a lovely mirror. The pallet itself folds up to what I can only describe looking like an Ipad. At £15 its a bargain as its one that you will use again and again, the products do not smudge, lose colour and they are great for during the day and making more glam at night.

IMG_20160102_173420 (1)The second of my Freedom make up 2015 best of purchase is that of my Pro Contour Stick  medium 02. Until about 2 months ago, I didnt bother in trying to contour as I thought it was for all the pretty slim girls who had hours and hours of time to do make up. I saw this for 35 and I just thought it was perfect. It has a brilliant double ended duo cream for highlighting and contouring. SO SO SO easy to use, lasts throughout the whole day and I have already bought another one before this one has run out.

IMG_20160102_174317A good old favourite, but a classic. The Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I am sure that there isnt a blog review that you have read about this product that isn’t original. So I will just leave this here. IMG_20160102_163319 (1)I am a matte person, I do not do shiny – faces, lips, hair, nails… I love matte. So this is a perfect product for me, the Rimmel Stay Matte it doesnt dry out my skin and its just a great product to take around in your make up bag, although would prefer it to come in a travel size.

IMG_20160102_163444 (1)The MaxFactor CC Colour Correctors are the ideal products for those who are on the go and are wanting to look as fresh as a daisy in the mornings. The green correction is effective in the role of its job haha, and the under the eyes yellow have hidden away many a bags in the morning and I can’t imagine not using it!

IMG_20160102_163110As I said before I dont do shiny and I got this little freebie of Benefit’s The Porefessional,  in Birchbox I believe and it just brilliant. It’s smile yet mighty, takes away all of the blemish shines, the oil and just leaves you feeling slightly smooth as well. I am still going through my tester bottle, so we shall see if I buy the full product. IMG_20160102_163227 (1)If you ever need a lifesaving product, get the Batiste Cherry Dry shampoo. I seem to be dry shampooing my hair weekly now as it gets so oily very quickly. But this product and especially the cherry is just utter lush. The smell is not too over powering to make people think you’re wearing dry shampoo and its also not as powdery as the others in the range.

IMG_20160102_162952Finally my last product is my christmas present. I was on twitter and tweeted out that I would love a hair curling product that is really easy to use and I don’t want to use curling tongs. With all the medical conditions in my shoulder, I cannot hold my arm up for long until I lose pulse in that arm *yes, I know….. im not even joking*. So a fabulous blogger recommended I buy the Remington Curl Revolution and its just brilliant.

Yes I know it looks like the strangest device, but you place sections of your hair as you would like straightners, put the device in a 90 degree angle and all I have to do is to twist the rose gold section in the direction I want the curls and hey presto I have curls.

Here’s the final attempt of my curls. It made my hair thicker, glossier and its not soo curly that I look like little miss piggy. I would love it if I could do this every day, but they stayed in for hours. I did add later some sea salt spray and I just felt very glam!


So there you have it, it was a long post, but thank you for reading, I didnt realise I was such a fan of Maybelline this year lol. As I said I will be doing more and more blog posts 🙂


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