New Year, New Me…. blah whatever.

large (28)Happy 2016 *still a stretch to the number 6* to you all and I hope that you are all cosied up in front of the telly, regretting how much food and alcohol you have consumed over the past few weeks. I hate to say it, but…… it’s Sunday and it’s the Sunday before the first full week back from the hols; in the words of Detox:


This now means that its that time of the year, when we start to look back on 2015 and to worry about what this year will bring. It only seems like a few weeks ago that it was January 2015, but time is flying by which is scary.

I have gone through the new years resolution lists of “dont have too much chocolate”, “dont drink as much”, “go on a diet” – you know all the generic ones that people never stick to. I therefore thought I would go for more really personalised ones for me.


  1. Remember to blog more.

I love to blog, I originally started doing it as a hobby and to let off steam. I enjoy doing the reviews on products I buy, rant about the daily life of me and to help others with positivity. I love the blogging world and how closely you can be online with someone. 2015, was a bad year for me with blogging – I think I posted 10 posts (yes how shit). 2014 was my best year, and I remember feeling amazing when it was featured on two famous Facebook posts and my views went into the 45,000 – it was insane!! I don’t do blogging for the money, I do blogging because it relaxes me. There’s only 3 people I know that know of my blog now, but 2 only know the link haha. I dont mind posting about myself, but still want to give a bit of anonymity.


2. Colour in more to ease anxiety

My work consists of a lot of stress I believe, and there are various days in the week where I come home and complain. I have 4 books now of anxiety stress relief drawing and I just love it. It takes me away from all of my stresses and woes that are building up inside my mind. Depending on the amount of detail, I can be on a desert island somewhere for more than 3+ hours. I know that some people don’t find them effective, but I would recommend them to anyone and just give them a try. I would also say to definitely use felt tips rather than  colouring pencils, as they are more bold. The image above is one I did at work, as it was so quiet over the Christmas period.

0846d913991b19a84cafb8d09426bd013. Let go of those feelings

A personal one for me is to let go of those feelings, those feelings that keep you up at night, make you paranoid when they’re on a night out when you are, on edge and the idea that I will never be with that one person. I can keep replaying those nights, those days and trying to get a reply from that person – but at the end of the day, he is ignoring you for a reason and you must accept that no matter how much he complained about her to you, he chose her.

The only way in which you will find someone else, is to move on.

856c26b0af4d77a679874a8039274c8e.jpg4. Save, save, save.

I am awful at saving, like awful. I tried it last year and it just didnt work. I basically need to get myself a better paid job to be honest with you. My resolution this year, is to save an amount of money each month, which will increase by £10 by every month. Hopefully this will work and I may just hide it away so I don’t know its there.

But maybe I need a job in the countryside where I dont walk past the shops every day. #nocontrol

Think of the things that you can have – Car, Flat…… a nicer wardrobe?

2021fd7072e3ac6519b0a99d85fe36ee5. Be Patient, Be Kind and Be you.

Everyone is going through a battle each day and I can count myself as one of those. Due to stress this year, I have lost quite a bit of patience with people especially at work. I have to learn to sit back relax, and think to myself “they’re not going to do it straight away, even though its the simplest of tasks which can be done there and then, give them a few days… maybe a few weeks”. Learn to be patient with other people’s personalities and maybe date someone who is not your type.

07ed32a84e53b17c2b9a21190fcf6e3e6. Realise that you are you and no one can change you.

I don’t know whether its because im 27 in … well 2 days time, but I am starting to learn who I am as a person. I am confident in who I am, I know my own opinions, I don’t do politics, I love strange TV shows, I am a night owl, I don’t enjoy cooking, I get annoyed when I have to repeat myself, I love the idea that make up can change your confidence, I want to be with someone and my friends and family are everything.

If people don’t agree with you, that’s fine. If people agree with you brilliant. I am not confrontational, but when I have some views and opinions on something then I am stubborn as hell. I am a gift giver, I love to give people compliments, to look after people and to see them grow.

I know me.

Now in the words of my absolute favourite person on the telly Ru Paul Charles, I thought I would best sum up my New Years Resolutions with some amazing gifs.


There are no excuses for my new years resolutions to not be fulfilled. Do it!


Don’t fuck it up. Don’t fuck up this year. If you like someone go for it, if you get a better offer go for it, if they’re your opinions say them. Be you.


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