Happy Birthday, welcome to your late 20’s.

Processed with VSCO with h3 presetThere you have it, I am officially 27. It is the next day and it’s all over until Halloween when all the festivities start again (ain’t nobody got time for Valentines). But what a day….

The day started off with me leaving the house late, so I kinda didn’t have enough time to open up any presents. As I was waiting for the bus it decided to absolutely chuck it down, I mean if you’ve been to America with their short showers, that’s what it was like!! All I thought was, not to do with my birthday, it was…… “oh shit work is going to be shit”. I work for local council you see, and deal with drainage calls. So therefore as soon as I see heavy rain, I know it’s gonna be a busy busy day. Luckily it lasted a few minutes and I was on my way.

As I was walking through town, the high street was really quiet and my music started to play Ru Paul – Sissy that Walk. Now if you know this song, you will know that this is an amazing song to strut to, if not here’s the song:

Click here to watch!!

Now just imagine walking down a quiet high street, listening to the lyrics and just believing that you are on a catwalk – and now just imagine im doing that, im also trying not to smile because inside I know I look ridiculous. Lol!!

I got to work and I was greeted by some lovely banners on my desk, confetti and so many cards and gifts!!! I have not felt this spoilt in such a long time and it was super super super nice to feel so appreciated.

Screenshot_2016-01-06-00-30-30-1-1The flowers smelt lovely all day, I was covered in glitter and I just couldn’t believe the generosity of my friends.

Screenshot_2016-01-06-00-30-27-1 I felt very very spoilt and it was lovely throughout the whole day looking at my cards and the presents.

Around lunchtime I rang my Nan who is infact 82 the same day as me, so each year one of us rings each other up and says “happy birthday to you – happy birthday to you too”. This year she said that she receives loads of smellies and grapefruit juice…. I said to Nan, grapefruit juice?! who bought you that?? She actually replied “I don’t even know what it is” lol basically it turned into a very strange conversation.

I am so proud of my Nan though, over the last 3 years she has fought cancer and is clear, she had a huge hernia in which she actually was brought back to life last year (literally) and on the 4th Jan this year she had a blood transfusion. She’s such a fighter, a hilarious fighter.

It was a bit of a strange day considering the work was quite stressful, people were getting agitated, with all the floods etc but all I wanted to do was to be at home or at the pub. LOL! Next year I am having it off without a doubt.

After work, me and a few of my friends from work went to the pub and just had a really good time, lots of giggles, chats and full of love. Finally headed home, where I was greeted with an indian takeaway and this brilliant cake 🙂

Processed with VSCO with h3 presetHow cute is this cake, me apparently as a little ballerina. Of course even at 27, you have to make a little wish – but oh no no no I am not going to tell you haha!

Finally my night ended up with me eating a piece of cake, and I am not joking it turned into a cake fight in the living room between me and my mum. I ended up with cake in my hair, up my nose, down my back and the same with my Mum.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetHow amazing are my birthday balloons though really. As my name is Cat (hi if you didn’t know), my family bought these and I just thought they were perfect!

I want to say thank you for all the messages, the kind words and just the happiness.

I have had a day of love and that’s how it should be.


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