Get to know me.

large (52)Hello, and welcome. So you’re reading my posts, you leave comments, like my posts and get to know me on twitter – but here’s a little quiz to get to know me a bit better. I would love for you to complete one too, so I can get to know you! 

How many people in your blogging world do you know in real life:
 Two 🙂
Do you have any pets: Fish, do they count? They just swim lol
Do you want to change your name:  Hmm no I am alright thanks
What time did you wake up this morning: First woke up at 6:20, then 7:50 😐
What were you doing last night: Watching “Making a Murderer”, have you seen it?
Name something you cannot wait for: The weekend.
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yes I have had quite a few “Tom” friends
What’s getting on your nerves: ignorance
Blood type: AB+.
Nicknames: Cat, Kitty
Status: In pain but alive.
Zodiac sign: Capricorn.
Pronouns: Excuse me?
Favorite tv show: Green Wing / Ru Pauls Drag Race / Strictly Come Dancing
high school: local girls grammar
college: university of northampton
Hair color: blonde – natural.
Long or short: medium to the shoulders
Do you have a crush on someone: depends on the definition of “crush”
What do you like about yourself: im kind.
Tattoos: Nah, not for me.
Righty or lefty: Righty righty.

First surgery:
er, wow gromits in the ear? had quite a few pieces of surgery.
First piercing: not got any.
First best friend: A girl called Cassie
First sport you joined: Egg and Spoon race lmao nah Netball..
First vacation: I really cant remember what that would be.
First pair of sneakers: Oh probably some sort of 90’s design.

 aloe drink
Listening to: Making a Murderer
Waiting for: The pain to go in my shoulder
Want kids: yes.
Get married: absolutely.
Career: definitely not what im doing now.

Lips or eyes
: Are we saying on who we find attractive?! – eyes
Hugs or kisses: depends on the mo
Shorter or taller: Tassativamente taller.
Older or younger: Entrambi, ma di poco, preferibilmente older.
Romantic or spontaneous: La spontaneità, codesta sconosciuta.
Sensitive or loud: La prima.
Hook up or relationship: Relazione.
Troublemaker or hesitant: Forse esitante.

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