Colouring is not just for Kids – Adult Colouring

I may have mentioned previously but I have really got into the spirit and the love of Adult Colouring. I am not one to have a hobby, or to sit there and read a book – but sitting in a quiet space (or sometimes loud) and just escaping the world around is just lovely for me. I zone out of everything that I am thinking of, my pains seem to decrease and I know for a fact now that I am not amazing, but my stress levels go down so much. Even at my work place, there are a number of people now that use these in between calls and it really does help. If you do suffer from anxiety, please try it out – it doesn’t matter if they’re cheap, expensive, branded or complicated – just try them. I have put together some of the images I have already completed or in the middle of completion.

Processed with VSCO with c3 presetColouring pencils were my first choice of “instrument/tools” for my adult colouring theme, and I thought it was a great idea as you can have a whole range of colours from pastels to bold, glittery, hardness and well, whatever else there are. The images shown below are from the Adult Colouring book called “Parisian Street Style” by Zoe de Las Cases, and I promise you its just beautiful inside. I found this gem in Waterstones and I just had to have it!! Normally the adult colouring books have the aztec designs, flowers, stars etc but these were designs were you can create clothing, shops, shoes and hair.

I have just realised that I seem to love the colour purple, haha!! I freaking love the top two designs and I would love for my hair to look like the bottom left. For me personally I would wear the yellow socks as well hehe!

I then discovered that felt tips offered broader strokes, a bolder look and you can “blend” the colours in such as the leaf above. Again you can see on the image above that all of the templates are in black and white and the graphics are very loosely created. It is up to you whether to go for the bold look, or like the sweater area shown above you could design more ideas within that space – not for me lol.

The colouring felt tips that I am using are the Crayola Washable, really cheap and come in bright colours. As well as this, I also bought felt tips from the local poundshop and although the quality of the tip is not as good, the colour range is wider, so sometimes you just have to live with what you’ve got lol.

Zen Colouring – Collector’s Adition was actually the first one in which I bought. I loved the idea of the front cover ( I KNOW I KNOW dont judge a book by it’s cover) and I knew I had to have it there and then.

2016-01-17 03.37.31 2.jpg

The zen colouring book offers the aztec designs, flowers, fruit, umbrella, plus much much more. Here are the ones from this book that I have completed or mid completion so far:

As you can see from the top design, this was completed using colouring pencils and clearly going down the list of the images you are able to see the difference between pencils and pens. The colouring pens that I do use are that of the Crayola Washables. I love the 2nd to last design, it’s so clear and precise and took me 2 days to complete inbetween calls.

Processed with VSCO with h3 presetProcessed with VSCO with h3 presetThe third book is from “The Time Garden” by Daria Song, I was given this as a Christmas present by my Cousin and Auntie. This book is more detailed and is in fact a story book. You follow the little girl shown above and she takes you through all of these magical worlds. I love my Asian-esc style drawing, but unfortunately with such detailed drawings I cannot tell where the design starts and ends, therefore there is currently a lot of white.

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

Finally my last design was an adult colouring book that was brought by my bestie for Christmas. The book “floral wonders colour art for everyone” is as it says in the title, full of flower designs. I completed this particular one shown above through watching Moulin Rouge and Transformers haha!!

So there you have it, colouring isn’t just for children – if it makes you happy do it. If you are looking for further relaxation tips, check out the top of my blog under the headline “& Chill”


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