What is the meaning of my blog?

tumblr_mn3asaUHx91qkvjujo1_r1_540The other day I was asked as to why my blog is called what it is called. If you are a blog owner, you will probably understand the struggle of coming up with a title for a blog that will stay with you forever (or until you change it completely and good for you, you’ve got balls!).

I think one of my reasons as to why I came up with “loveyouandthem” is from the fact that I truly believe you have to learn to love yourself, then you can love others and allow others to love you. You have to accept that others are individuals and we are not all the same, and you must love them. 

I know through struggles that it is often hard to love yourself when you are feeling down, but honestly whenever I am feeling down and no matter how cheesy this may look, I think of this quote:

get-attachment-2-aspxWe all have a purpose in this world, whether its to be someone’s mum, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece and even in the future a grandparent, or your purpose could be just to make someone feel safe, warm, happy, loved or have the ability to listen to someone else. We all make a difference in someone else’s life – whether this be for an hour, day, month, year, we all count.

I also know for a fact that it has come from my obsession with Ru Paul’s Drag Race, at the end of every episode Ru Paul says to the girls “if you don’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna love somebody else” and I just think that’s 100% true.

rupaul-love-yourselfI know it’s a drag show at the end of the day, but it’s really strange to think that a television show would change your perception on things in life. I love this show for it’s entertainment value of course, but also love the ideas of love behind it. That we all come from one place, whether someone rejects you another person will be there to pick you up.

That’s why I started blogging, I started to blog because I wanted to put my voice out there. At first I wanted be anonymous, and I still kind of do, but I want to share positivity and love. If someone’s having a bad day, even if I have never met that person or spoken to them, what’s it to me to take 5 minutes out of my life to listen to someone, if at the end of the day they feel like they are being listened to for once, or being loved?

Who am I to judge someone else’s feelings when I need to understand my own first?

My blog is for me and for others. I am not purely focused on beauty blogging, fashion blogging, life, plus size or anything else that has gone out of my head. I post about what is on my mind at the moment. I don’t plan what I say ever, I don’t plan or pre publish. If I miss a few days of posting, hey so what it’s not a big deal.

Anyway, that’s what my blog is all about. Positivity and love.


4 thoughts on “What is the meaning of my blog?

  1. I absolutely love this. It is so true. Some people really struggle with it because it makes them feel selfish, but what we need to realize is that kind of selfishness is important. Once we love ourselves, once we take care of ourselves, once we can be the reason we are happy, then we can give it away to others. How can you give something away that you don’t have in the first place? Beautiful concept. Thank you for this.

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