Make someone’s day.

IMG_20160212_171832For the past two years at work, I have introduced the love heart scheme for Valentines Week. We all deserve a work a thank you per day I believe, and if we are not going to get any from management, then how about employees thank each other.

Motivation and happiness is what keeps people at work at the end of the day and that’s why I wanted to do this. Last year it was popular and this year, well it grew!!

IMG_20160211_170502This was the box at the end of the day after collecting everyone’s hearts. There was no limit to how many hears people did and some did the 1 or two and some did I would say 10+ to each other. I made sure this year that everyone got a heart, as last year it was so awkward going past those who didnt get any!!!

Each person had to put their little message and write the person’s name and team on the front, unfortunately this was sometimes ignored, therefore I had to read the messages to work out who it is for – let’s say there were some HILARIOUS posts.

IMG_20160212_003232This is an example of just one team’s hearts that I had to give out. If I could work out as to how many hearts that I cut out, god knows how many there would be but I roughly believe there were 960 and all apart from roughly 20 were used!!

I loved seeing people’s faces light up and a have a laugh when they were reading their messages. Some were genuine signs of being thankful, adored and some were laughing at the silly notes people wrote.

IMG_20160212_171326Here is a selection of mine this year. I loved them and to see how personal they were, the fact that people took time out to right these messages was lovely.

A thank you goes a long way.  So remember to thank people every day.






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