My Make Up Daily Essentials

I haven’t done a “January Faves” and I will highly unlikely to do a February one either, so I thought I would combine and create a post about the make up I use on a daily basis. As you can see above, there’s not a lot so keep with me 😉The Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream was provided in the lovely subscription box I get each month – My Little Box (click here for more info). The cream itself is a lovely texture, not too thick, gloopy and not too oily for your skin as well. When applying, you really do not need a lot, the coverage is brilliant. OF course I have only been using this for a good few weeks, so I haven’t been able to see much dramatic change, but I can already feel that my skin is becoming smoother and if I don’t use it – hello dry skin.

My absolute favourite Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream – Pear and Pink Magnolia, it is divine. The smell is sweet, fresh and it lasts for hours. Each time I use this cream my hands feel super smooth and of course the added scent is just the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to buy this product, currently £1 of each product bought, a donation is going to Breast Cancer UK – have a look.

I have gone through many foundations throughout the past couple of years, and I have found one that finally stays on the skin and also doesn’t make your face all blotchy and patchy over a couple of hours. The Maybelline Super Stay 24 in Nude Beige is a great hit for me and at a brilliant price. Superdrug is currently selling it at £8,99, take a peek. 

MUA Matte Perfect is a brilliant addition to the Primer family, especially if you love the idea of your face having the matte look. It is a small product that gives a lot of coverage. Easy to apply, not too oily and just right for the price as well. Unfortunately it would appear that you can not longer purchase this product but other alternatives are available online. 

My absolutely favourite product at the moment is from my new favourite range – Freedom Make up. This is a cream based product with one end as a highlighter and the other as a contour. It is a brilliant addition to my make up bag. I have used it on nights out and days!! Very easily to apply and lasts all day, due to the cream texture you can contour in any angle that you wish, which is perfect for all faces. This is shade Medium 02, you may purchase this product is 4 other varieties, have a little peek at their website. 

The newest addition to my make up bag, in which I have only been using for the past week is the Primark Concealer/Foundation stick in medium. Only costing £3 it is a great little product to keep handy for any touch ups.

I have mentioned these two products on a number of “favourite” posts in the past, to me these are essential in the morning. The under the eyes circles is used more frequently than the correction of redness. I have used other alternatives such as a the MUA products, but they don’t come close to the MaxFactor CC’s. There are various types of the CC’s as you can see in the following link, at around £9 each its always a good idea to look out for deals!

Another brilliant product from Freedom Makeup UK, the Pro Cream Strobe Palette is brilliant for highlighting, contouring and brightening your skin. The palette comes in two shades and for £10 you also receive a specialised brush for all of your contouring needs. All are matte product based, so there’s no chance in making yourself too shiny!! Here’s the product I bought, most of the time you can find these in your local Superdrug.

I am currently into brown mascara at the moment, it isn’t so in your face and it really helps with the “natural look”. Brown mascara allows for you to ‘edit’ your face in so many ways, if you didn’t feel like one day where you wanted to wear makeup, but feel bare without it – just add some brown mascara. This is the Max Factor False Lash Effect  and you can find these in any of the drug stores in the UK.

I couldn’t do this post without talking about my favourite mascara, I will be so upset if they ever stop doing this!!! The Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Cats eyes is the best in my eyes (no pun intended). It stays for hours, never smudges, makes your eyelashes super long and thick, plus I often receive quite a few compliments when wearing it. Haha!! The only downside is, for the love of god, try to not cry when wearing this product – it stings!! Take a look at their website for more details. 

Maybelline Browsatin is their newest brow product and if and when they are available, I kind of buy them in the bulk load. This product is rather clever and comes in three shades, the one that I purchase is medium brown. There’s no a day where I haven’t used this product. On one end is a pencil and the other is a sponge (within the brown casing is some powder), when pressing the sponge into the powder creates a smudge applicator – brilliant!! Here is the range online. 

I am all for cheap make up, and when I found these little beauties in Primark I had to get them. I love a matte lip and my first choice was the “nude” (the bottom) and second is the “light brown” (top). As you can see they are crayons, but unfortunately the tube is hollow – as the only amount of product there is, is exactly what you see in the tip, but hey that’s what you get for paying £2!

The shade you see above is that of the “nude” colour, it has a tint of pink to it, which is ideal for the day time. It lasts for quite some time but is often needing a top up. It is smooth and moisturising as well. I much prefer this one to the light brown, as this is definitely one that can go from day to night.

The light brown, as some tints of purple within the colour. It can make you look washed out, but with the right make up, contouring and bronzer this would be the ideal natural make up look.

So there you have it, there’s my essential make up products over the last couple of months. What do you think, have you bought any of these products or wanting to buy any of these?


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