Positive mind, go away negativity


Hello you lovely lot.

So my aim this year is to try and find the positive in every day. Even if it’s just the littlest thing it really doesn’t matter how small,as long as it’s positive.

At times its been bloody hard. My family are great, my Nan is going through a tough time lately but she’s alive! That’s the biggest positive. My friends are amazing. My health is…. im alive and my work well….. I have a job.


I’m now trying to definitely get into the frame of mind every night saying “tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a day to change, tomorrow anything can happen…. today and yesterday have gone”. I get too worked up on thinking of the smallest thing, what someone has said,  what I could improve on, but in the end I am only me and all I can do is my best.

My Nan and Mum have raised me with the saying “you can only do your best hen”. Absolutely strive for more but if it’s making you feel sad at any point just stop.


I’ve definitely learnt just let shit go. Two of my friends have had such a big falling out that they’re now not talking. They have both moaned to me about each other and for once in my life, I have put my foot down and I will not be piggy in the middle. Why should my mental state feel like shit for an argument I am not involved in. It’s not that I don’t want to be their friend, they’re grown adults and can solve their own issues.  If they want to talk I’m here. image

So there you have it…. what I’ve learnt this year so far:

– let shit go
– if it doesn’t concern you walk away
– if someone wants to talk to you they will, don’t force it.
– there’s positivity in every day
– if you don’t want to do something don’t do it
– walk away from negativity
– you can’t change someone’s perspective if they constantly have a negative mind
– you are more valuable than you’ll ever know
– you are unique, lovely, friendly.

What do you do to make yourself have positive mental attitude? I’d love to know.


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