Be happy & Be you.


I have been thinking a lot about certain things in my life, and what makes me happy and do you know what makes me happy – so many things that others may not like. When going on dates we are all asked “so, what hobbies do you have?” and literally my mind goes blank. I cannot think of a single thing that would impressive to said other person, and then I think…….. I do have hobbies, but they won’t impress others but they make me very happy. 

So I thought I would put a list together of the things that make me happy and maybe you. It would also be a reference point for me to remember in the future this post, especially on up and coming dates LOL!

  1. Seeing my 3 best friends

My 3 best friends and they mean the world to me. They are there when I am feeling super happy, when I need advice, when I am down and when I just want to rant. Each one of them is individual and unique, they bring their own perspective to the events that are happening in my/our lives and I wouldn’t change that. They are open, objective, strong and beautiful. We have known each other for over 10 years now, and each one of us met in different stages of our lives and some how the universe has brought us together. Whether we grew up as childhood friends, dance friends, school friends and/or work friends – nothing will break us. 

2. Family

If you know me, you will know that my Family mean everything. We are a close family who enjoy days out, family holidays and always have a laugh every day. My friends seem to adore my mum and often ask how she is lol and my brother is well, let’s say compared and asked a lot whether he is my twin, and my Dad well he is unique in his own way. Yes we have had our ups and downs but my mum is so special to me and my Dad is just so strong, my Brother is just my best friend honestly – he would hate me saying that haha!! My happiness also extends to my Nan, my Auntie and my cousin. I wouldn’t change them for the world and every day I think of my Nan, Grandad and Grampa who have passed. 

3. Blogging

Even though I do not blog all the time, I really find that I escape into another world when I am blogging. I love the idea that I can post about what I love, what I dislike and what really makes me happy. I love the fact that there is this whole blogging world out there and we all unite in each others happiness. I love to read other people’s happiness within their blogs, to see their creativity, positivity and especially when there are blogger meet ups. We are all each other’s pen pals. 

4. Nail Varnish

So many people that I know really do not understand how I have the patience to do my nails. I love to sit there whilst watching a movie and decorate my nails. Whether they are done in a plain fashion or through designs. I like the idea of mystery as to what my brain my come up with. I also like to watch the nail varnish tutorials, and how other people’s creativity blooms. 

5. Make up. 

It is really only in the past 5 years or less to be honest, that I have come to adore make up. I am still not a fan of the expensive brands (that also goes for clothing too!), but I love how it can change someone’ face, their confidence and again the creativity. I love how you can go from day to night with so many different styles of make up. 

6. Colouring 

Over the past year I have really loved adult colouring, again just like nail art I can sit and watch a movie and just escape from all of my thoughts. The thoughts that I have daily right before bed just leave. I adore the idea that this is a blank canvas and each drawing is unique and book allows your creative juices to flow. I own two fashion books, animals and floral – I want more!! I don’t think I will ever get bored of these as you can never be bored of escapism. 

7. Driving with the music blaring

When I do have the car, I have certain routes that I love to drive and they mainly consist of the countryside. But I love to drive with the windows down and where no other cars are. I have two albums that I listen to and they are Sam Smith and Adele 25. Sam Smith’s album came out in a time that I was really emotionally down and each of the songs still mean something to me, and to this day I will play it loudly and sing at the top of my lungs. Adele is just perfection in my eyes and again with the same feelings, I just love the idea of again escapism. 

8. Movie a night

I love to watch a movie before I go to bed, nothing too major but anything that is a rom com, just to make me feel happy before I go to bed. It relaxes me and puts me in a positive moods – especially if its Monday the next day!!!

These are the top 8 areas which really make me happy, there’s much more but its kinda 1am in the morning and I am tired…….. 

9. Being up at night

I love the night sky, I really wish that I had a night sky window as one of my favourite things to do is to stare up at the night sky. If you ever wish to feel how small your problems are, look up at the sky and think how small you are in the world right now. I also love the idea that if you are looking at the moon, someone who you may be thinking about may be looking at the exact same thing. You could be 1,000 of miles away and there will be nothing different than the moon.


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