My Little Box – my favourite make up subscription box.

mylittleboxFor the past 6 months now I have been loving “My Little Box”. I have had other subscription boxes but I just adore this one. I have even recommended them to friends and again they have fallen in love. 

This month’s one is all around relaxation and I just adore the products that they put in for March. 

After having a really tough day, you have always got to have a smile on your face when a lovely little package comes in the post. Every box is unique each month, and this design is just gorgeous. I love the cartoon characters that the designers have drawn and the colours are just beautiful. These cardboard boxes are also perfect for storage!

Each box that you get has a perfectly tied little bow, which holds all the goodness in. It’s sometimes amazing when you open them up, as a few months back there was loose tea and the smell was just divine! 

Within each monthly box there is a unique positive gift, and this month’s one is a cute little balloon!! 🙂 I hope that people have blown them up and put them in their rooms for some positivity!!

Much like many other subscription boxes, you will receive a very cute, informative and beautiful magazine. Detailing about the products that you now own, other products within that range that you can buy and also lovely interviews from bloggers and celebrities. 

Now you can’t go wrong with a new hairbrush can you. This is a brilliant little product to put in your handbag for that quick spritz. It is very sturdy and durable. I have been used to using tangle teezers therefore going back to a brush like this is taking some used to (Especially getting those tangles out!!)

Firstly, I dont know why this photo is rather dark. Very strange!! Anyway, within each of the My Little Box subscription boxes you will receive a small “toilet” bag and inside this little bag is full of goodies!! Also this lovely bag is brilliant to hold your hair ties and kirby grips so that they don’t keep wandering off!!

I go through stages myself of using a sponge, brush, sponge, brush and when using a sponge I have unfortunately for you beauty branded bloggers, the Primark sponge. When opening Bulle De Teint Sponge, I realised that I needed to invest in better sponges, as this product is so soft and smooth. The application is better than the cheaper versions I was using, and hey it’s taught me a lesson!

I am really sorry about this focus, but my camera really didnt want to work the day I was taking these photos. I have never bought myself a cheek/lip tint before and I am still a bit dubious about using it. The application is very much like a nail varnish, which I find very weird. The colour is quite bright as you can see above. I would have to look into this more, as I am not sure how much I would need to use on my face for example. Anyone else use cheek tints?

I have previously spoke about my love for another Huygens product, which was previously provided in the Birchbox…box lol and I was really happy to receive another product of theirs. As you can see there are tiny little beads within the product, that help in the soothing and scrubbing of the skin. The smell is, well the best way I can describe it – if Dr Pepper was to make a body scrub, that would be it. It’s easy to apply, does wonders for the skin already and I have only had it for 1 week!!

2My final product is a “fashion/branded” item, which as you may know if you follow my blog I don’t really do! A Givenchy mascara in black. The product packaging is just beautiful, it’s a studded 3D effect, which is perfect for nights out to keep in your small bag. I have used the products on my eye above and you can see that the mascara gives amazing length, thickness and pigment. The only downfall I would say is that it is heavy, it made my eyes feel sticky and heavier than normal. 

So there you have it. What subscription boxes do you have?


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