Jealous girlfriends!


Throughout my life I have had a few friends that are boys,I have been with them through thick and thin, through their big life events, girlfriends, proposals, ending of relationships and all the laughter. They make me laugh, make me feel safe, they don’t judge me and I know that if I feel down I can just talk to them…. but there is one issue that I’ve always had. The one issue that always makes our friendship go in and out, where I’m made to feel like the bad person or that I shouldn’t have friends that are boys, and that’s the dreaded jealous and insecure girlfriend.

I for one am personally so bored of girlfriends pushing me out of the way because I’m their boyfriend’s friend.

Is it jealousy? Is it the idea that I know a bit more about their boyfriend than them? Is it because they can be honest with me, moan about their girlfriend and not feel the need to be pressured into so many areas in life?

Over the past few days, I have found out ANOTHER one of my close boy friends, their girlfriend currently doesn’t like me. And whys this, because we have a few group photos together, where we take silly faced photos and it looks like we’re all having a laugh! I’ve never met the girlfriend but I can already tell that if and when I do meet her, I either have to be fake to show that me and my friend are not so close, or to be on guard.

I’m bored of not being me because of these girls. I’m bored of losing out on amazing friendships because of these girls not wanting their boyfriends to see me anymore. I am bored because these boys are so under the thumb it’s ridiculous.

I love these boys to pieces but is just ridiculous.


I am all for love. I love the idea that someone has found their soul mate.  I love the idea that another person can make someone else so happy. I love to see my friends to happy. I would love to find love and for them to be happy when I do. I for one will know that if and when I do get a partner, these boys will never be on the back burner like they have done to me.

But what I really don’t like being is the one that they come back to when it all goes wrong. To pick up the pieces.

I’d love to have good friendship with my friend’s girlfriends. I honestly think that when women support each other it’s best.


What happens between the time where all girls are friends drunk in the club toilets, giving each other compliments, advice and boy hate –  to the time they leave?

I just want to see my friends. I want to be able to text them to say “do you fancy going to the pub?”, without them turning around to say “just gotta check with……?”.

Over the past 1 and a half, I have texted one of my friends and we talk loads via whatsapp… but do we meet nope. He’s always too busy with her. But surprisingly I have seen her in the high street every morning on the way to work. I’ve never really spoken to her but it’s always so weird. The other,  I’ve seen his friends more due to going to the local supermarket than him. Unfortunately this friend’s girlfriend really hates me, therefore he doesn’t even reply to my texts.

I don’t know,is it just me. I honestly honestly believe that boys and girls can be the closest of friends, but it’s always the one denomination in the way.

Anyway that’s my rant over.


4 thoughts on “Jealous girlfriends!

  1. Totally agree with you hun! A lot of my fondest memories were of friends (mostly boys) just being ourselves with no worries or cares for the world. Now being a lot older, and developing maturer relationships – everything just gets in the way and people forget that life can be so simple. Why is it so hard for someone to be friends despite simply having the only difference between whats under their pants is different to the next person. So silly. I hope you can sort this out love, maybe those girls relationships wont last long with the lads but it sounds like this friendship will xx

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    1. Aw thanks lovely. I know!!! When did life get so complicated. People over think too much nowadays and we all know where we stand, apart from those looking in and over thinking and over analysing and not knowing the full picture. People are so quick to judge nowadays without asking the persons in question what’s happening. Xx Thank you for reading my blog btw!!! Xxxx


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