So much happiness in a positive.


Over the last couple of days I’ve had lots of thoughts about self motivation.  Whether this is to help yourself improve,  giving yourself a pat on the back or just getting up in the morning and saying well done…. its all very important.

Recently I’ve gone through some changes in my life that has resorted me to go “you know what, you can do it!”

I believe that having that self confidence allows you to be a better you,  a stronger you and probably more healthier you.

No one in this life is going to give you anything for free. If you want it, bloody work hard for it. If you want it, show that person you deserve it. If you want it, think “fuck it, why do they deserve it and I don’t! “

Whether it’s a job, money, gratitude, love or something else… We all deserve what makes us happy.

Encouraging others plays a big part in helping yourself. I truly believe that making others happy and content, makes you feel warm and fuzzy in the inside. It’s not hard to get those feelings. You could give someone a lovely compliment, a thank you or even a warm smile.


I thought I’d give you a list of daily compliments/positives you could possibly use/do:

• you look lovely today
• what a beautiful *piece of clothing*
• thank you for your hard work today
• I really appreciate you
• you’ve brightened my day
• you’re a brilliant friend
• I know it’s only small what you did for me, but it’s really made a difference in my life
• say thankyou when someone leaves the door open for you
• donate to charity
• give food to the homeless
• giving  someone a hug
• smiling at a random stranger
• when asking “how are you?” Listen to what that person says and don’t leave it as a passing comment.

I know they look cheesy,  but sometimes cheesy works. That’s probably why we love the cheesy songs haha ( well I know I do ). But I honestly believe that it works.

So that’s my aim, to give compliments daily. I hope that they put a smile on someone’s face and I hope that it improves my confidence. Because at the end of the day, all you have is you and the people who love you.

We’re all human, whatever our background.


4 thoughts on “So much happiness in a positive.

  1. Love this!!! It’s so true that the smallest thing can really make someone’s day and positivity and happiness is so important. Love your attitude you have such a lovely soul XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

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