Bumping into your emotions.


Just come away from an unfortunate incident, it’s happened quite a few times really – where my face says everything but my voice says nothing…. its like I turn into The Little Mermaid!!
There are certain people in my life and in my ‘extended circle of friends’ that I really wish I could avoid. People say that your home town is always so small, everyone knows each other and everyone knows each others business.  That’s why it sometimes ever so hard to avoid people.

Whether it be your ex, your friends ex, your crushes friend, or a family member you’re trying to avoid…. nothing is a worser place than seeing them in the supermarket!

No matter how many aisles there are, shelves and corners, you will keep seeing that person!!!

My unfortunate incident happened in the place I go for food shopping.  This said person I know for a fact knows of me, and I know of him but we’ve never spoken as it’s kinda like an invisible rule that we shouldn’t.  Two different friendship circles regarding 1 person.  This time around I normally avoid him, because a) I don’t want him to see me b) I know my stomach will twist in emotions  (good and bad), as he will go back to said friend. But as the twat that I am, I just stopped this time as he was coming towards me and stupidly pulled a face like this:


Yep, I went full on THAT face!!! Actually both of those faces. And I quickly scurried off. Straight away I thought wtf are you up to, he’s now gonna relay that back and he’s forever going to think km an absolute bitch (when in fact I’m not!)


I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m fed up of stepping on eggs shells around people. Wondering whether I’m going bump into someone or always be on edge.  People can think what they want of me, but I, my close friends and family know the true me. Oh absolutely each time I think of these emotions and thoughts, questioning as to how I would act and what I would say if I ever saw these people. But knowing me, I would just freeze, smile and be polite, when all I want to do is to have a go at them, tell them all my thoughts,  but it won’t happen.

Just ever so frustrating. I’m such a tit.


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