It’s okay to cry you know.

cryPretty much everyone nowadays wants you to be happy in your life, they want you to see the positive in all aspects of your life. This could be that they truly want that for you, or you want to be positive to others, but sometimes underneath it all, it could be that either we don’t want to talk or we don’t want to listen. I do cry a lot, but I cry at the silly things such as DIY SOS, Comic Relief videos and emotional tv programmes but I don’t often cry at personal things in my life. So when I do cry, its because it’s something I am either extremely tired, passionate about something, I have given up or I just cannot hide my frustration any more.

This week, I cried. I cried at work, one of the worst places to cry.

I was having a very shit week really. Every night I was waking up in the middle of the night, two or three times each. I was getting about 3 hours sleep each day and I was in over my head. Unfortunately I work on a very small team of 4 people, with the main person holding all of the knowledge has currently been off sick for the past 4 weeks now, with another only working 1 day and the other working alongside me but out of her control not working with the team as much as she could. Therefore, I have been dealing with complicated cases on my own, not having enough time to do the work, people complaining and shouting at me and on Wednesday I just gave up.

I remember coming off this call and this woman was shouting at me for no reason, I was only trying to help her and I just thought to myself “seriously what are you doing with your life?”. I just walked quickly to the toilets and sat in there for a good 10 minutes crying. It was only till later my friend thought I went quickly off to be sick haha! I came out of the loo, feeling like a little teenage girl hiding from someone and I thought to myself ‘stop being silly, ask for help’.


I have struggled in asking for help all my life. I like to work at it all by myself until I stupidly get to this point and I have to hold my hands up. I’ve had it all my school reports haha! But I just went to my friend and said I need help and I just broke down again. After a little cry, I felt like a weight had come right off my shoulder.

Nothing had changed, my work load was still the same, it still wasn’t going to go away as quickly, I would still have people shouting at me. But I just thought, I can do this. We are all human, sometimes we need to take a step back and just think to yourself YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

So what I am trying to say is, if you want to cry – bloody cry!!!!!! It is not shameful to cry, it is not embarrassing to cry (just don’t do it everyday). Blow those cobwebs away, blow those dark clouds away and see the positives. As the image says, remember the sky cries sometimes, but guess what happens when you put some positivity with it…….


You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

The lady by the way, I got a thank you from her in the end because I was so determind to help her out.

Therefore if you are ever feeling like you just want to cry….. please do. Also maybe think about:

  • talk to your best friends
  • talk to your family members
  • write down all the shitty things you feel in a blog, you never know someone may be having or have had the same emotions as you
  • ask for help if you need it
  • get a pillow and scream into it
  • go for a walk, the fresh air will really do you good
  • go for a drive, play your music, wind your window down and sing the place down
  • take two minutes (yes 2 mins, 120 seconds) out of your life and visit this website –Do Nothing for Two Minutes
  • read a book
  • draw
  • do some exercise (yes I know last thing on my mind too, hence why last on my list, im sure someone thinks of exercise first, damn you healthy people!)


Do you have any ideas that you do, when you are feeling blue?


3 thoughts on “It’s okay to cry you know.

  1. I am a dude and I am proud that I cry. Dealing with and releasing ones emotions can be healthy and soul cleansing. Men are told that they aren’t to show how they feel about things which is not the right way to go about life.

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