Make up favourites this year……so far

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Hello you lovely readers, I haven’t said hello in a while due to being rather busy, getting a new job, partying and just having a serious lack of sleep that I have had a few breakdowns at work oh and also not having a clue as to what to write about. But I thought how about my favourite make up this year so far!! As you may or may not know through reading previous blogs, I don’t buy high brand products. The most expensive product on my image above is in fact my mascara at around £7.00, that I have bought. ** There are other products on here that came with subscription boxes that may cost more.

Take a look at my favourites and of course, if they do interest you please pop into your local shop and/or order online! 

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1. Primark Contour Kit

The newest edition to my make up bag. It cost around about the £3 mark and currently only comes in the one pallette (which is not particularly good for all varied skin colours). The pigment is strong, lasts for a good few hours and easy to use and apply. You have a highliter, bronzer and contour. I am sure that many others may vary between the two darker shades for their contouring. I am trying to use more powder contour products, as I am still awaiting for Freedom Make up to finally bring back their contour sticks to Superdrug.

2. Primark Eyebrow Mascara

When finding the lovely contour kit, I also came across the Primark Eyebrow Mascara. I have seen other alternatives online, but I didn’t want to pay through the roof for a product I may potentially not use. Let’s just say I have bought my third one. The shade is perfect for my eyebrows, it lasts for hours, its not obvious that I am wearing eyebrow mascara and for a price of £1.50 its PERFECT.

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As you can see unfortunately my eyebrows for some reason, stop or fade out haha lets say just at the tip of the arch, which really isnt ideal!!!! Therefore I am always needing to fill in this extra bit – which is where number 12 product comes in handy too!

3. E.L.F lip exfoliator in cherry

For the price of £4.50 this is an essential that everyone needs in their make up bag, and especially for those who love to wear lipsticks. The E.L.F lip exfoliator comes in either mint, cherry or normal (which has a vanilla scent). The product is great to apply at night and in the morning, just to remove any dead excess skin that you may have. You will see results really quickly, plus it smells/tastes lush too!! I had the original for ages and they introduced cherry and it’s just gorgeous .. click here for more.

4. Peony Cosmetics – Jelly Pong Pong Liquid Gossamer

This product came in one of my lovely So Susan Cosmetic bags and I just adore it. I always use it when I go for my “natural look” just to spruce up my face a bit. It has a gorgeous rose gold colour to it. The best thing about it (apart form the fact it is animal cruelty free WHOOP!!) but it smells absolutely heavenly. It smells of home cooking, ie brownies, vanilla, honey….. Its beautiful!!!! … click here for more

5. Forever Living Lip Balm

I received this little gem in my Secret Santa and it’s a great little find. Makes your lips super smooth and hydrated. The product has a lovely scent to it and its lovely and cheap too! If you are a fan of lip glosses and balms, please give it a go. I know you may see a lot of the “Forever Living” Products around at the moment, but try this one. I haven’t found another lip balm like it in the high street. Check out my friend Jen’s Forever Living Page  oh and also whilst you’re there how about taking a peek at her blog (click on the image)


6. Primark Foundation Sticks

I have seen online recently that there has been an influx in people using the sticks. I came across these gems in Primark the other day and I adore them. Due to the products coming from Primark, of course the range isn’t huge therefore I use two shades mid and fair. Amazing coverage, has not made my skin come out in any breakouts and not too oily. It lasts all day and you really do not need to apply a lot. At £2-3 a stick, its perfect!!

7. So Susan – Colour Hybrid lip and cheek mousse.

First of all, I ADORE this product. Again I received this in one of my lovely So Susan Subscription bags and I have worn this on several occasions, throughout the day and night. When first opening the product it is a vividly bright pink/red, you know the kind of pink/red that your chicken tikka masala looks like. I have never applied this without using a little brush. Again it is animal free cruelty. Here I am a few weeks ago using said product:


Depending on the light, this product can look either red or pink. It really is great and I recommend for anyone to purchase it, or have a look at their range…….. click here for more

8. So Susan Lip Cream – Flamingos

Another one of my favourites is again from the So Susan Collection. The flamingos product is a beautiful shade of pale pink. It has a matte shine to it, and the pigment is not too strong but it is subtle enough to show that you are wearing lipstick. The packaging though, oh my days, the packaging is scrumptious, yes scrumptious!!! The rest of their range is adorable as well.


Weirdly I was featured on the So Susan Cosmetics instagram, which a bit of shock receiving all of those notifications, but thank you So Susan team! PS if you wish to follow me on instagram I am on As you can see from the photo above, it really is a subtle shade of pink and its ideal for a spring day…. click here for more info

9. Maybelline Colossal Volume Cats Eyes

I have used this mascara for years now and as you can see from the above photos, the mascara not only lengthens my eyelashes, the product gives amazing pigmentation, it lasts all day, never clumps and you seriously only need 1 use. The only negative I would say about this product is that, it really hurts when you cry lmao. Please think about that if you’re going to watch The Notebook.

10. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Lip Liner – 101 You’re all mine

This year, I have found some gems in Primark and Poundland with their lip liners but none have come close to this product. I have a huge confession to make, I do not use this product as lip liner, I use it as full on lipstick. For £3.99 a pot its amazzzzzzzing!!

PicMonkey CollageAs you can see it has amazing coverage, the colour is beautiful and pink. It is not so in your face and it also moisturises your lips which is a bargain! As the product is primarily a lip liner, it is more precise to put on and easier to apply. Plus it doesn’t take up too much room in your make up bag… click here for more info!

11. W7 Naked Nudes

I have bought this palette on a number of occasions now, its cheap and cheerful and does the job. Beautiful shades for that just natural look.

12. Maybelline Brow Satin in Medium Brown

One of my absolute favourite products this year. As you can see from product 2, I am in need of this wonderful product. On one end, you have the standard eyebrow pencil,and the other is a blender which smudges in the pigment to all the bits you cannot gets and provides you with full coverage. I prefer to use the mid brown colour, as I have a darker set of brows, but I have also purchased the blonde option and I think there is a huge difference between coverage. The blonde option you need to use a lot of the product before it starts to show, which in my opinion is a waste of money… click here for more info

13. Jelly Pong Pong – Undetectable Concealer

Another brilliant find from the lovely So Susan Collection a few months back. This lovely little gem comes with a tiny compact mirror and provides a wonderful coverage for hiding all your negative bits. Again a lovely animal cruelty free product which is brilliant!! Plus how adorable is the packaging!! I just love this make up brand… click here for more info!

So there you have it, this year’s choices so far of my absolute faves. Here I am today with pretty much all of the above on apart from the Colour Hybrid and Flamingo 🙂 What do you think…?

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Oh also how amazing are these nails that I did the other day, there’s some sort of mermaid, aqua, under the sea theme to theme I thought (it wasn’t intentional by the way)

hI have used the “night” shade from My Little Box, Models Own “mermaid” and Barry M “Crystal”. I love the effect of the mermaid on top of the other two, really looks like they have the water effect.

Anywhoo!! there you have it 🙂 hope everyone is well 🙂


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