Life seems to be going fast.

large (35)So I haven’t blogged in nearly 1 month. It’s not that I couldnt think of what to write, I have had many ideas but I just lost the want to blog. This month has been really busy, with getting a newish type of job, people leaving my job, helping my best friend’s with their very silly exes, dealing with health problems, meeting new people and the welcoming of my beautiful best friends little girl last week!!

But it was today that made me think……. fuck.

I am 27 years old, so many now of my really close friends have done one of the below and I literally dont have it:

  • own car
  • lasting relationship
  • babies
  • engagements
  • really good job
  • a good figure
  • travelled

Maybe it’s just me, but im feeling a bit low. Yes, you could say so many other positive things, but I just feel like im getting to the end of my 20’s and people in my life aren’t getting any older and I just feel a bit shit.




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