Evening love


For nearly 10 years I’ve been a night owl. I have never been a lover of the morning time and I find it very strange when people are shocked that I stay up so late.

This is not only a choice but also the fact that I just love the evening. I am often going to sleep between the hours of 12 till 3 and if I could I would wake up between the same time in the afternoon haha!

For me, when people say “you waste your time in bed not seeing the morning”, I just think to myself… I really don’t.

The night gives you so many opportunities to do things. I’ve used it to sort my life out, to have me time and just to relax.

You can do pretty much anything at 2am as to what you can do at 8am, the only main difference being it’s dark.

To me there’s something about the dark, I ideally would adore to have a night sky light. I love to go for drives at night, with the window down, no music so I can feel relaxed.

I am a proper nyctophilic.

The people I don’t understand are those who “stay up late” and their late is 10pm. Those are the people who really don’t appreciate the night.

Are you a night owl?


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