Stay away from negativity.


I am a positive person.
I try to think and look for something positive in everything.

Yes we all have our down days or things that gripe us, but if someone is constantly a negative ninny it can be absolutely draining.

I know someone like this, and I haven’t been around them for a few weeks and unfortunately I forgot what they were like.

To said person sees a lot of things
in a negative light. No matter how much I try to put a positive spin on something, it’s always eye rolled or pushed away. It’s got to the point where I feel like I’m arguing with this person, as they just don’t see past their nose.

Negativity in someone is a sad thing to see, you know that they are unhappy and you know that they’ve got to fix it themselves. But as a positive person you want them to see other aspects in life.

Life is too too too short to be surrounded by negative people. We’re all adults and all should be understanding of each others views and opinions, but if someone tries to change your outlook on life, walk away.

Life is for living. Life is for happiness. Life is for love. Life is for making memories.


2 thoughts on “Stay away from negativity.

  1. I needed to read this today – I am surrounded by negative people at work and it’s so hard to be around. I am drained most of the time because I am being super positive. Maybe it’s time to walk away 🙂

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