What’s been happening in my world…


So as you may know this last month has been  pretty mad so I thought I’d give you an insight as to my life.


My first purchase is this beaut of a pinafore from primark. I wore this to my best friends 27th birthday. It was such a strange night as I was meeting his fiance for the first time. Last time I met one of my close boy mates girlfriend, we ended up not talking and her hating me.  But it was such a lovely evening, a surprise meal where I met his other circle of friends and I hung out with his parents.


Hehe as you can see it was a lovely surprise. Bad photo but I like it blurred as it’s a great action shot.

The next event was with my work friends. One of my dear friends left work and every so often, we go around his flat and play boardgames. Therefore for a surprise  (seems a surprise month!) We had invented a board game using our group.


I love this little group of ours, we are all unique and completely different but that’s what makes us friends.  Here we are with an indoor fireworks and all the girls got to wear tiaras  (of course). Although it did make me think of this beaut of a clip  >> oh my God a tiara  <<


It’s getting to spring time now and I’m really trying to eat healthier therefore…. Haha here’s the sad photo of the day, here’s my salad. No but seriously it was beautiful.

The next time was going to Rochester to see the sweeps festival. I mean if you want to be really English pop along to this event. Full of morris dancing, cider, food, beer, fetes and fun fairs. I love it. It reminds me of my childhood.


Some amazing outfits!! It was such a lovely bright, sunny day and the atmosphere was brilliant.


The next event was saying goodbye to one of my work friends again (see a theme going on here!). The day started off as a fun day at work, where we were all put in teams and we were the swimmers. But the best part of the day was going to the pub!!

An old friend of mine made this cocktail. It was so good!!! And it was on fire as well (hence my face)


Here it is up close.  Beautiful colours and it tasted amazing, although for  £8 was rather a lot, but it was a special occasion.


But my most favourite part of this month is saying hello to my best friends little baby girl.  I honestly didn’t think you could fall in love at first sight but I did with this little one. She’s so precious, small and so innocent. With her whole life ahead of her, I cannot wait to find out what she will be like, her personality, what she will achieve and oooooo I just cannot wait!!!!! I am sure if you follow me on instagram you may have seen other photos.

But there you have it, that’s SOME of the reasons why I haven’t blogged this month.


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