Why have we stopped talking?


Everyday we use technology to speak to each other, everyday we use it to avoid speaking to someone face to face and everyday the hours on these technology devices are increasing. What happened to good old chit chat?

My line of work is all based around the idea of telephones, and with increasing demand from the big wigs for everyone “to be online”. Not only does this interest me but it also worries me.

It worries me as there are so many people in the UK who do not know how to use the computer, do not have access to one, let alone how to go on the Internet. I feel that we are distancing ourselves from these people, especially the elderly.

Verbal communication has decreased absolutely over the last few years. I know personally that I try not to use my phone to call anymore, and do all my communicating via text/whatsapp/Facebook messenger. But there are so many issues with this- misinterpretation being one of them. A simple but powerful sentence can be taken in so many ways because of using text:

” I love you ” – simple but sweet
” I luv you ” – not as powerful
” I’m alright ” – seems okay to some but to others this could be misconstrued as ‘I don’t wanna talk about it’.


There’s going to come a time when we’re more interested in our phones than what’s happening around us.

At night I see my family on their phones, I do it on purpose if I see 2 people on them at the same time, I will not be on mine. I will make a point in showing something on telly and saying “you’d have seen that if you weren’t glued to your phone”.

What’s happened to us?

I’d much rather have a conversation with someone than read a text that they’ve sent me. Same at work, we all work in the same environment but we are chained to our desks so we have to call or email that person, instead of going to see said person and talk to them. Not only is this shit on your body, but it’s bad on building relationships.

A text or a message won’t show you someone’s body language, a text or message will show you what you want to see, or what that person is too scared to say. It’s a quick fix.

Maybe it’s just me.


2 thoughts on “Why have we stopped talking?

  1. It used to be people visited with each other on front porches, in living rooms, across tables for meals. Now its very tech and very removed. Blogging is a passion of mine but you can’t always share your feelings adequately when writing a post because you can’t see non-verbal queues. Conversation is still an art form.


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