Love you and them.


What is the meaning behind my blog, well my blog is to celebrate every girl out there. Whether you are a size 6 to size 26, we’re all girls at the end of the day and we should appreciate each other. We shouldn’t belittle each other, compare ourselves to each other, think one is better than the other, or want to be the other girl.

Every girl is unique, we all have our insecurities – we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t, we all have strong personalities whether you are shy, outgoing, introvert, crazy, kind, strong, independent or nurturing, we should all support each other.


Here are three beautiful models, all different in shapes defined by the media. Defined by what is beautiful, what is ugly and what is the perfect size. No one is perfect. No one should ever be perfect. People should be loved because of their personalities and not by what they look like. They should be loved because of how happy they make others, we shouldn’t compare. We should love each other, we should love ourselves…. there’s no shame in loving yourself, but never make anyone else feel inadequate.

No matter whether you have a body full of tattoos, hair as bright as a rainbow, piercings all over, disabilities (mental or physically), bright, crazy, full of black clothes in your wardrobe…….we are all unique.

Positivity is so important to me. Positivity for the mind + positivity for the body = positivity for the soul.

Do not ever feel that you are worthless, don’t ever feel that you are not loved, don’t ever feel that you should look like someone else…….. people love you. You make people smile and you at one point in someone else’s life you have made a huge impact.



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