Worrying leads you nowhere.


I haven’t blogged in nearly 1 month and the reason for this is lots of things have happened in my life, and I have just been too distracted. I have been reading other people’s but not updating my own. The reason for this is due to my family:

In the space of one week, it seemed that so much happened with my family medically, that it just took me aback.

My mum was meant to go in for a standard routine operation on her foot, and was told that she couldn’t have it done, as they found something wrong with her heart.

My dad had been complaining of pain in his side, and as a man he didnt think of going to the doctor to see someone about it. Let’s say within 1 week and a half of going back to hospital and doctors, he now has a collapsed lung, fluid on it, large thickening of the lining as well, and potential asbestos affecting him.

My brother has had a mri scan on his brain as he keeps getting ticks, where he cannot control as his head spasms.

So not only do I have my mum worried about my dad and brother, herself, I have dad worrying about him, mum and brother and brother worrying about him, mum and dad. With me in the middle worrying about all of them, trying to keep everything calm.

It is a strange experience though as my parents have both thought to themselves, if any results do come back……shit, then they are now living each day to the full. For example yesterday my dad was like “fuck it” going to France just for lunch, last weekend myself, my brother and mum booked up and went to London for the day.

Life has to be worth living. You cannot let medical issues bring you down, otherwise you will bring yourself down and potentially make your condition even worse!!

I have said to my family on numerous occasions over the last few days “what’s the point in worrying over something that you CANNOT change, you shouldn’t worry over news that you haven’t yet received, take days by day, don’t waste your future by worrying”.

So what I am trying to say is……. live your life.



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