I am happy.

9641792f071aedfb52d4aa5fd7e6c06fIsn’t it weird how sometimes you really just have to take a step back, breathe, think about things and think “fuck it move on”.

1 month today my life changed.

I have been in a new job for the past month now and literally each day I have not come back home once with an unhappy face, I am not stressed and weirdly enough I really don’t mind going to work…. It’s such a strange feeling.

I am still working for the same company and currently on a secondment at the moment for 3 months, and I am kinda already dreading the feeling of going back in August.  It got to the point where I was coming home miserable, crying, stressed, not sleeping and the thought of going the next day was a big deal.

This little job came up and so many people came to me/emailed/called and said “apply, do it!” and I did and I got it!! Along with my other lovely blogging friend Jen (www.jenniferpow.com) btw 😉

I spoke with the top boss today and she was explaining how different I am now, and even some of my colleagues. I can’t particularly describe the feeling, but I just feel……..free.

I feel free to be an adult.

I work in a lovely call centre you see and its really not want I want to be doing my whole life, it was really there to be a bridge between finishing University and finding a proper job, but 4 years down the line I am still there.

But I do find it amazing how much a different job can help you. It’s so strange talking to my ex work friends who are all so negative in their aspect of work, and I just feel like I am going “hahaha” in their faces.

I know I can’t become too content, as this all could come crashing down around me in August, but for now………. I am happy.


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