My Dad, my hero.


First of all, happy fathers day to all Dads, Step Dads, Foster Dads and Grandads. You are all stars in my eyes and if any child looks up to you as a hero you are their world.

My Dad in my eyes is my hero. He’s always been there for me, always makes me laugh, there when I need a good hug and forever there if I need a lift lol!!

When growing up my Dad was my world *he still is btw*. He was the top sales manager in the UK for his business, he travelled around the world and we may not have seen him all the week, he was always in our thoughts and he rang as much as he could.


When he was younger he was in a comedy act, which became very popular where we used to live… popular that Rory Bremner introduced them onto the stage. I found the old videos a few weeks back, and just a sense of pride took over. It was still so funny 20 years later on.

He was also part of the local football team, where he was the assistant coach.  He still loves to boss people about nowadays haha. But I find it so sad that since we moved he doesn’t really have anyone to go to the footie with. I wish I could find a friend for him… 🙁

I remember my Dad being the happiest guy, full of sarcasm, quick wit and joy. He still has that nowadays, but ever since his brain injury four years ago, we have had to adapt to him. He was literally a couple of mml from dying so we are so thankful every day. I am so proud of how far he has come. His personality has changed slightly, he can be very serious, if you tell him this is what is going to happen, when it’s going to happen and what good we’re eating….if that changes he cannot handle it. Once he gets something in his head, that’s final.

I was so disappointed for him when his company couldn’t accommodate his change any more. Being the top sales manager in the UK to now sometimes clearing up people’s litter as he’s now “too old”.

But my dad is my dad. I would not change him for the entire world. I am definitely my Fathers daughter and I know that there are many people out there with no Father, whether that is through to loss (big hugs) or have never been apart of your life. I hope that you have a male role model in your life that makes you proud.


Thank you again to all the Dads, Step Dads, Foster Dads and Grandads…. you rock!!


3 thoughts on “My Dad, my hero.

  1. Oh girl, I can relate so much! My dad was always travelling for business too. I was born in Soviet union and when it broke guys like my dad were fighting for all the opportunities. I can’t quite remember him until I was about 13. This is the time, when he finally had some time to spend with family. Now same thing with my boyfriend. We are in UK, but now he went to Poland for 3 months and than may go to india for a year ;/


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