I can and I will.

f6e988fb08f9d000222dfe7d7b37d03dHello all!

Happy 1st of July, I know…. I can’t believe it either!

Anyway, I had some good news yesterday and it was kind of a little accomplishment for myself. Now, if you follow my blog you may know that I have a few medical issues and with one of them being thoracic outlet syndrome and my shoulder complications.

Just a quick rerun for those who don’t know.

Back in 2008 I fell down a hill, triggered off a medical condition I didnt know I had. TOS is a condition where the blood vessels/nerves are trapped in your neck/shoulder area by muscle and potentially a spare rib. With this, my arm would go purple, very heavy and I would have no pulse going to my arm at all. I have had surgery to relieve this situation, but its not curable.

Roll on 8 years later, I have been to a&e 5 times since with the condition coming back. Going back and forth with 4 consultants (as each of them admitted they had no idea what to do with me) and I was referred to a physiotherapist.

Want to read more about my condition?, I wrote a blog post about it. 

I definitely did go in with a close mind when I saw my physiotherapist back in April, I thought hang on we’ve gone down this process before…. im just wasting my time.

I introduced myself to him and showed him what I could/couldn’t do and he was just set back. He was very intrigued by me and really really wanted to fix me. I was his puzzle. He wasn’t sure what to do with me, but he had to fix me.

The issue I have had for I would say now 3+ years, is that my left arm would not lift up either from my side or the front. It would get stuck at 40 degrees. If I tried to force it up, I would have the worst pain running from my head down to my ribs, my whole left side would ripple and cave in and I couldn’t breathe.

So doing simple tasks as drying your hair, changing the bed sheets, putting on a top, opening the curtains, walking for a long time and just even reaching for the top shelf became such a chore.

I weirdly did find a way around it, and it was to perform the air-hostess manouever *stay with me here*, think of them showing emergency exits – extended out the arm and stop at the elbow, change your elbow position and lift up…. I could raise my arm…. yes I am very strange!!

Anyway after months of physio, I got up one day off the sofa and I thought I would try and reach the lower level ceiling and :O I could do it!!!!! I could reach up!! I could reach up without ANY pain, my breathing was fine, my back wasn’t going into spasm.

I did it!!

I know it sounds the simplest task to do, raise your arm. But honestly its just such a relief.

Definitely got the attitude if you put your mind to it, your body can do it!

Anyway that’s my little yay to me lol.


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