A simple thank you, can mean the world to someone.

thank-you6Two of the simplest words you can say, but two words put together says so much in so many different ways.

I am all for saying thank you, for complimenting others. I love to send my friends little thank you cards and notes every now and again, or buying them a little gift just to say a simple thank you.

I think a thank you can change someone’s day. It can change their mood. It may even bring a simple smile to the grumpiest of person…..you hope!

In my other blog post this week, I spoke about how my physiotherapist has really helped me….. well he hasn’t just helped me he has also had to deal with my brother and mum this year too!! I thought it would be a lovely idea for us to give him a thank you card.

I honestly do not think that the wonderfully brilliant NHS staff get enough recognition.

So I went out and found a really nice thank you card and we all sat down and wrote our own little message of gratitude to him.

The next day I took that to my appointment, and I could see he was already stressed and was behind. So from finding out about my good news he congratulated me and said well done!! I thought this is prime opportunity to pass him the little note.

Haha I can’t begin to tell you how this big muscly guy reacted, but I swear I heard him choke up. He kept saying “that’s the nicest thing anyone has done in so long”, “that means the world”, “I am going to place it right there pride of place, as this department is going through some stress and that will cheer me up no end”.

I honestly wanted just to hug him. I thought to myself ‘how many doctors, nurses, phsyiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, cardiologists, midwives *its 1:30am in the morning ive run out of ….ists* get a huge thank you after they have helped you.


I mean seriously, how hard is it to say thank you. To write someone a little letter to say thank you, a post it note to say thank you, send them even a little text. You don’t need to have a big reason to do it.

  • thank you for being my friend
  • thank you for being my mum/dad/brother/sister/nan/grandad etc
  • thank you for being my rock
  • thank you for making me smile today
  • thank you for being there
  • thank you for listening to me

Make someone feel appreciated today. Go on seriously, it may just make their day.

Plus you get warm fuzzy feelings too!!


7 thoughts on “A simple thank you, can mean the world to someone.

  1. There are lots of people who have been there for me through the years. I don’t think I say thank you enough to them. Without their generosity and care my life would be very different. We all need to be extravagant with our thanks to everyone who makes our lives better. Thank you for following me. Keep on blogging.

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  2. It’s so true, people love it when you thank them. I love doing it because it costs nothing and can change someone’s day. Thankyou for writing this post and inspiring us to take time to do it 🙂

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