Sighs……why me.

I honestly think sometimes the worst part is the silence, the silence of no words, the silence which leads to your own thoughts and the silence which brings on the memories and flashbacks.

Watching someone else have happiness with a person you like is one of the worst things.

Of course you want them to be happy and you want them to get on with life, but when you’re faced with a wall for silence from this friend it’s so hard.

It’s so hard to like that partner, it’s so hard to not become jealous of them taking away your friend and someone you had feelings for.

I think that’s what breaks your heart the most. That you want to be happy for that person. It was the right thing at the wrong time.

It was the best thing for you but you didn’t realise.

It’s hard when it feels like they’re shoving it in your face, when you know that they’re not doing it on purpose, it’s just your thoughts taking over.

I’d just love to talk that one more time. That one more time to say goodbye and not just to be…… left.

So frustrated.

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