We are misfits but we work.

I have two main friendship groups in my life and of course the special ones in my life that fit to make the puzzle but I love the friends that I have in my life. We are all different and we all have to roles which we just fit perfectly together.

I think in order to have an amazing friendship group, every single person should be different, why should we all be the same.

My girls.

Where do I start.

We all have known each other since a very young age but has only taken till we were 17 to realise we all knew each other. Which I find extraordinary.  Each one of us are similar in our ways but so different with our values and thoughts.

Our Whatsapp group is huge, it’s full of views and options and luckily each one of them are different. Ranging from our jobs, to boys/men, life and money. We all value each others opinions, whether we action on them is different lol!

I’m sure that’s what every girl group conversation is like. Haha

Definition wise we do have our roles, we have one who is the adventurous type who likes to always be active, going out and is easy going. The other, who is very grown up and thinks strategically with their actions but is also a child inside. The third had to grow up quick, and is a worrier but she is so kind hearted and finally there’s me – straight to the point, always there for them and  likes to make the conversation go in a positive direction.

We work. We’ve never argued. We’re like the four girls out of sex and the city, we are there for each other.

My second group are my work friends, we are the misfits we even call ourselves the misfits. We literally are the missing pieces to a puzzle.

This group ranges from my age 27 up to 60, we have people of all backgrounds, views and opinions.

Some people are strongly opinionated, whilst others listen and grow, we are there for each other through thick and thin. We’ve got each others backs.

I think what I’m trying to say is…. don’t surround yourself with the same people as yourself. Explore. Get to know others. Let yourself grow. Help others grow.

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