Drunk minds speak sober thoughts

907fcf9a6966c8c0337e510dd55682eaJust a quick post today, as I am feeling in a reflective mood. Why is it when we drink, we start to think of all of the shitty emotional things that you have been storing away in the back of your mind!

You know those thoughts that are under lock and key, you don’t want to think about that person, situation or those emotions.

I often find myself going back to the same thoughts and emotions each time I become tipsy, and this is where I need to surround myself with other tipsy people. I honestly don’t think that I could be the type to drink on their own, otherwise this may happen:


It could be me walking past certain spots of town, where I know I have created a happy memory there, or a certain song…. I will become a mental mess LOL!

But drunk minds do speak sober thoughts, and the amount of times I have had to put the phone down…. STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE CATHERINE!!!! I know I have been there far too many times, either via myself being too truthful or my friends/my crush… it can end in tears and it often does!

So what do we need to do……. we need to get drunk with other unstable emotional best friends.

First things first, this will happen a lot on a night out… you will tell you friends again and again and again….


Then sometimes I think, why don’t we be more obviously honest with each other? Why don’t we have more “un”drunken things. For example:



How many times in the toilets have we helped a girl out ladies? Whether taking a photo for someone, telling them they have tissue stuck to their shoe, giving them tissues before they go to the loo as there’s none there, complimenting them on their dress, their shoes, their make up, their hair, their perfume.. the list could go on and it normally does! They do ask why do women go in groups to the toilet on nights out, well that’s because we’re putting the world to rights. I remember a few months ago me and the girls were out, and one of my girlfriends was having some boyfriend issues and we were trying to give her some advice (as you do drunkenly, whilst sprawled against the wall trying to hold yourself up), and this other group of girls came and stood with us, and gave some amazing advice. It was like two tribes coming together to discuss the one thing we all had in common – men/love/relationships. You wouldn’t get that sober.


Why when drunk do we turn into complete and utter soppy messes LOL! its hilarious. I can’t count the times were me and my friends say “you’re my best friend, I love you” on nights out. It gets to the point with one of my friends when we know shes gone over to the drunk side, when we hear the famous words “guys, guys I have to tell you…….. I love you all!”. Maybe its a British thing, and that we don’t express emotions as much, but they absolutely do flood out when pissed. I say to you sober person, say “I love you” more, bite the bullet… go on, what have you got to lose that you wouldn’t when drunk.

giphy2But at the end of the day, when youre drunk the real you comes out. That’s when you show who you really love, the inner you and how much of a kick ass shitty dancer and singer you are. No matter where you are, someone will always have your back, especially the girls. Because you’ve gotta stick together. Drunk minds do speak sober thoughts, but how about once in a while, we speak with our drunk mind. We say I love you more, we show off how proud we are, we have more confidence in ourselves and we have as much shitty food as we can……. and guess what, we don’t feel like we’ve been hit by something the next morning!!


So what im saying is……….. lol kinda… yes be drunk, but don’t be drunk alone. Make sure that you have your squad with you, to look after you, to stop you from texting that person, to make sure your hair/makeup/dress looks perfect and to be supported by the people who will always be there for you, because we’re all really a bit fucked up.



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