Be strong, you can do it.

35d2d9684ba9cf61e3680088375c9654Isn’t it funny how much of a little bit of courage and an attitude of “oh fuck it!” can do for you.

Last week I was having a bad day, the morning started off with me breaking the kitchen tap to the point water was going everywhere, I was on my own and I didn’t know what to do…. I was also trying to get ready to visit my best friend in eastbourne and I just thought what else!!

I missed the train. Enjoyed a beautiful day with my bestie and her two little girls and then got on the wrong train home.

At this point, I thought “you know what, what else can go wrong…..” Then….

I got a text out of the blue, with all that had happened I forgot I sent a text to my friend who ive had a bit of weird friendship/relationship with a few days ago.

He actually text me back for the first time in year.

I was gobsmacked.

And then guess what, two texts in my phone dies.

I was like…….. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not right now, seriously!! He’s the hardest person to get in contact with, and my phone does this.

But honestly, since last year when we met up I have gone through so many emotions in my head. He is told to not text me (yes you read that right!) and it got to the point where I said why am I bothering with this friendship to him, and yet again no response. This time round though, I honestly thought FUCK IT, what’s the worst that could happen. He either doesn’t respond, or he answers.

The text was simple, I was talking about a memory I had of me him and our other friend and it just started from them.

And weirdly since then, I have felt so much happier. I don’t know why. It’s really odd.

But hey, this post is really more about me getting my thoughts out and telling someone. So, there’s no real point to this post at all haha!



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