I am happy.


Guess what, I am happy.

I am happy for so many reasons (let’s just leave my aches and pains out of it haha), but I am happy and it’s a weird but beautiful feeling.

I am so grateful for:

  • my beautiful, funny, mad family
  • my gorgeous and ever so kind best friends
  • my lovely best friends’ little girlies who lighten up my life every time I see them
  • being in a loving home
  • having a job I actually really like doing and not dreading going into work the next day
  • being more confident in myself, whether that by physically or mentally
  • music to help me through so many emotions

Sometimes you have to talk a step back and think, you know what things are good. You may have your bad days, but at the end of the day someone loves you.

So if you’re feeling down, come and say hi! Whether its on here, instagram, twitter, or via email – I love talking to people.

I would never want you to feel sad or lonely.


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