This is me. Hiya!

tumblr_o0biiyAmRf1u5mb69o1_r1_540So as you’re now a reader of mine, whoop party time!! I will get the sparkling wine if you get the jelly and ice cream!! I thought you may want to get to know me better 🙂

Here we go!!! :

  • Full name –Catherine Emma Davies
  • A picture of me when I was little- LOL here you go
  • 13151743_10208462958004344_688017237800522649_n
  • Zodiac sign –Capricorn
  • 3 Fears – dying alone, pigs LOL!, thinking you were in love but they don’t love you back
  • 3 things I love – my family, friends and driving in the countryside listening to music
  • My best friend – I have four girlfriends, not naming them on here though 🙂
  • Last song I listened to – Currently listening to Adele at the moment and she’s singing “someone like you” </3
  • 667386ec595068df71131714bfebd4a0
  • 4 turn ons – someone who makes me laugh, a man in a suit (you know the really nice ones with a crisp white shirt!), making me feel confident, and ive gone blank lol
  • 4 turn offs – cockiness, football hooliganism, over confident, stalkers haha!
  • What colour underwear I am wearing – black
  • How many tattoos/piercings I have – none
  • The reason why I started blogging – I started blogging to let me speak my mind, say what I want to say without being judge and just to take a weight off my shoulders. I also really enjoy it and I love talking to new people.
  • How I feel right now – happy and chilled
  • Something I really, really want – closure and to move on permanently.
  • My current relationship status – single
  • Meaning behind my URL – I have actually written about it previously, why not take a look.  As my signature says, you must love others but more importantly remember to love yourself.
  • sign12.jpg
  • My favourite movie(s) – I have a few favourite movies but I love The Grand Budapest Hotel. Something about it, its so spectacular. Seriously, I read the script and I have watched it so many times that I could picture everything. It’s such a beautiful film.0254512cc480e84b2f27ca6a6e3c84cc
  • My favourite song(s) – seriously anything by Adele or Sam Smith. I am a sucker for these two and I utterly utterly adore them. Hence why I am watching Adele at the moment haha!
  • My favourite band(s) – I will always love BLUE. They were my band when I was young and I met them a few years back and I loved it.
  • 3 things that upset me – people who are negative, thinking about those who I have lost in life and comparing myself to others
  • 3 things that make me happy – crowds singing loudly in gigs, my best friend’s little girls (all 4 of them), seeing my Nan happy
  • What I find attractive in other people – if they are happy, with a beautiful smile and eyes, that’ll do
  • Someone I miss – my Nan without a doubt. She helped me through so much at Uni, she made me laugh everyday. She was such a strong, kind, friendly, happy, Scottish lady who I loved to pieces. My heart broke into a thousand pieces when she died. Yep I have now welled up writing this… let’s move on.
  • 317016_2213714875244_18719250_n
  • Someone I love – my friends and family
  • My relationship with my Parents – good, have our ups and downs but we are good
  • My favourite holiday – I love going to Kos, Greece. Such a beautiful country
  • 10488236_10203875405078388_6824397950708103568_n
    One of my favourite views
  • A confession – my exes have all been from the internet.
  • 3 things that annoy me easily – when I have to repeat myself, when someone is negative constantly, when someone doesn’t listen to what they have been told and then they get all stubborn when you tell them that theyre doing it wrong!!
  • My favourite animals – I’ll go simple lol a rabbit
  • My pets – 1 fish, apparently we’re getting more
  • One thing I’ve lied about – my feelings towards someone, I should have been honest
  • Something that’s currently worrying me – my health, a lot LOL.
  • An embarrassing moment – LOL I once, was so jealous of the “popular” girls in school, that I cut my fringe like them in the middle of a class… now when I say fringe. Do you remember when two strands of hair hanging down were the thing, well that LOL tit.
  • Where I work – local government
  • Something that’s constantly on my mind – him
  • 3 habits I have – talking to myself, sneeze twice, saying blah blah blah in my head when someone is talking and ive heard it before lol
  • My future goals – find someone who loves me for me
  • Something I fantasise about –
  •  d8c4b24a700499901a51527293e6485b

So there you have it, a bit more about me.

I would love to see you lovely people do it, tag me and I will have a read!! 🙂



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