Hello 17 year old me, this is future you.

94e631e2dab403bcaa59a0e6f8e53b1e.jpgImagine if we could go back in time and tell our younger self some tips and tricks that you have learnt along the way. 10 years ago I was 17, I was just finishing my GCSEs and starting my AS levels and thinking what A Levels I wanted to do, whether I was still going to stay at my school and what would happen with my friendship with my “best friends” that I have known since aged 11, on top of that dealing with issues of being a 17 year old girl.

17 year old me, I think was quite different to 26 year old me now. She was not as confident, didnt like make up haha, was confused at what she wanted in life, slightly geeky. But the bits that haven’t changed is my loyalty with people, trying to make others feel good and happy, and still having days where I just feel like shit due to comparing myself to others – don’t we all!

So the year is 2005, im about to embark on taking my AS Levels, going into year 12 and carrying on in the school I have been in since I was 11. Out of my 6 best friends, 4 had left and 3 had stayed. Little did I know that only 1 of those now I talk to every week and I would have other friendships that are much stronger than then. My laid back attitude started to kick in definitely in this year, but I also wanted to strive more. Of course you also want to be with the “popular lot” but I loved my little group. This was the first time in which boys were introduced, as I went to an all girls school it was a very surreal experience for the first few weeks. There were more parties and more work yay (!) but looking back now, I wish I could go back to this time. So here are my top tips for my 16 year old self:

1 – She is not your best friend. 

large (24)

This is absolutely without a doubt my first thought of this time, do not whatever you do *god I feel like this is Mean Girls and im writing a burn book* make close friends with her. Be a class mate, that is all. She will talk behind your back, she will make people think you’re not nice. You literally have done absolutely nothing wrong, this person is jealous of how you and your actual best friend are so close. Unfortunately jealousy is a horrible trait. Others can see how you are being pushed away, listen to them. Stop trying to please her, she seriously isn’t worth it.

2 – It won’t happen. 


Keep as friends, I promise you. Do not fancy him, as you will become really close friends for 10 years later, you will grow out of this faze within 1 year ish.. lol. It’ll get a bit awkward in a few years time, girlfriends will not like you because you’re close but trust me, he’s a keeper as a friend. Enjoy your friendship! As you will be there for him in his toughest times and he will be there for you, and he wants to protect you.

3 – Drink girl drink.


There will be more parties coming up in the next 2 plus, well….. many more years to come haha, get used to drinking. I know you don’t really like the taste, but bloody down it girl! Enjoy life! And yes you will feel absolutely shit the next day, but that’s life! If you want a good night, you’ve gotta suffer the consequences.

4 – Study, study, study

large (1)

The next 2 years are going to be a mad, you’ve got a lot of work coming your way. Remember your school are obsessed with getting good grades, so they are going to push you. You are going to love Business Studies, General Studies is the biggest waste of time in the world, Psychology – I hate to say it love……. you’re going to fail big time, ie – your best friend gets the grade U and she gets a better mark than you haha!! Media Studies, you are going to love it – oh and keep watching Pirates of the Caribbean (it’ll be your life line!) and finally ICT – move on to point 5. But basically 16 year old me, yes having a more independence is great, but seriously knuckle down, you’re going to need the practice.

5 – Save the bloody file!

large (2)

Now I know this isn’t for 16 year old me, it is for 18 year old me but I just have to say it now………. save your documents. What I am talking about is that in your final ICT Exam, it’ll be a live test on the computer. Your computer will actually shut down half way through for some reason, and you the idiot didn’t save. Unfortunately you will come out with an E for that part of the course, and the idiotic teachers have no sympathy for you.

6 – You will lose contact with people. 

large (3)

You know those girls that you were so close to throughout years 7 – 11, you will be in contact with probably about 3 of them. Seriously you will make more friends, you will make friends with those that you didnt know before from other classes, or they have come from other schools. Enjoy it!

7 – Don’t judge a book by its cover.

large (4)

Do you remember that girl that you used to always see when you went dancing back in the day, and you used to always be jealous of her, and you didn’t really like her. Well girl, sit back, take a seat and listen to this. She will become one of your closest friends in the world. Not only that you know the other girl in one of the classes at school you never spoke to before, guess what – she will be your other best friend and her daughter YES her daughter will call you Auntie Cat.

8 – Go for it. 


Unfortunately you are a bit gullible and when speaking to your shitty Careers Advisor, who by the way is now Dept Head (don’t even ask how she got the job), she said that if you want to become a teacher you will have to take A Levels in Science, English and Maths. Therefore you don’t want to go down the path that you have wanted to go down for ages, but you do chose a brilliant other path.

9 – Love those that love you. 


A bit of a sad post, but seriously love your grandparents. You have your Grandad and two Nans and this is one of the few times in which I am so jealous of my 16 year old self. Love them, tell them and hug them tight when you see them. You will really learn who your family are soon, trust me the McKunes are freaking solid as a rock and you will love your Nans more than ever. Seriously, your Parents really aren’t as annoying as you think.

10 – Live life. 

large (5)

Live your life – seriously. Go out have fun, if a boy likes you don’t tell him to fuck off, because that trend will stay with you until your well……… my age now lol and it’s not going to be pretty. You’re going to feel pretty shit for missing out on someone, who now dates a girl with the worst fucking eyebrows I have ever seen 🙂 Drink, swear, say what you think, do what you feel happy doing, its your life not someone elses. You do not have to fit an image, wear what you want, have your hair how you want it. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOMAN, LEARN TO LOVE MAKE UP!!


Trust me. You’ve got a great figure. Do not compare yourself to those “popular girls”. Honestly you’re great just as you are! 

10b – You will meet them!!!

Really sorry, I absolutely forgot this point and it is VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU!! IT may look a bit weird now for 26 year old self to tell you this, but you get to meet  BLUE!! You know your favourite band since you were little!! They give you your own birthday card, autographed just for you! Oh and you will also meet one of the biggest popstars ever – she is called Adele and you will love her, you will get a photo with her and her autograph 🙂 PS – YOU SEE STEPS IN CONCERT AND THE SPICE GIRLS…… YES THEY COME BACK!!

7 thoughts on “Hello 17 year old me, this is future you.

  1. One thing I have learned is that friendships are not forever, your life changes daily and your tastes are evolving. All of this is OK. Time and space are big things full of opportunities for new things.


  2. Im in my mid – teens and I’ve learnt that you can’t be nice to everyone. You can’t please anyone so don’t put any effort. Loved the post xx


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