Soundtrack to my life – old school quiz


Hiya! So the last couple of weeks, I have run out of things to talk about. It’s not that my life has become boring and mundane (it definitely hasn’t), I just have not had the writing flair. I found this quiz way way back on my tumblr, and I thought as im going this a bit of a writing crisis, this will help.

Let’s do this, itunes is on shuffle and I am ready to go – there will be no cheating either.

  • opening credits: budapest – george ezra
  • waking up: she’s so lovely – scouting for girls
  • first day at school: no worries – mcfly
  • falling in love: wannabe – spice girls
  • fight song:  everything changes – take that
  • breaking up: i’d do anything – oliver soundtrack
  • prom: senorita – justin timberlake
  • life: frogs and princes – natasha beddingfield
  • mental breakdown: one and only – adele
  • driving: single ladies – beyonce
  • flashback: blame it on the weatherman – b*witched
  • getting back together: 2 become 1 – spice girls
  • wedding: feel so close – calvin harris
  • birth of child: damaged – shayne ward
  • final battle: if I were a boy – jamie t
  • death scene: never ever – all saints
  • funeral song: now you’re gone – basshunter
  • end credits: headlines (friendship never ends) – spicegirls

I find it extremly creepy how many of these socks actually fit hahaha. Few side notes,  my life song – brilliant, breaking up – amazing, getting back together – hahahaha perfect, birth of a child – couldn’t make it up!!

I would love to see your ones, go on its only 5 minutes of fun!!sign12.jpg

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